The Breathtaking Etlingera Elatior Ginger Flower

Etlingera Elatior

The Etlingera Elatior is native of tropical Asia has gone through many strange and bewildering number of botanical names for what ever reason.

It has been referred and listed as Phaeomeria Magnificia, Phaeomeria Speciosa and sometimes Nicloaia Elatior. If you’re confused don’t feel bad so am I. When I first started getting into gardening flowers plants trees of tropical species, I couldn't understand how one flower could have so many names.

As of today the name etlingera elatior seems to be the going name used by most and has stuck at least for now.

This beautifully exotic flower puts forth a ginger like stem that can reach a height of 9 to 10 feet from its underground rhizomes and is quite remarkable.

This tropical flower can emerge from the ground and consist of ornate exotic red or pink waxy looking bracts arranged around many small flowers in a way that resembles a torch, that’s how it got the nick name torch ginger

This flower is very popular and a bit expected to be in exotic flower arrangements and also belongs in the exotic flower guide list of exotic flowers.

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 Etlingera Elatior

 Etlingera Elatior

Its inflorescence is what makes the Pink or Red Torch Ginger perfect for tropical floral arrangements and boquets, these cut flowers and will last over a week as a cut flower.

It's amazing how to grow plants like these with such ease, these outstaningly beautiful flowers are great for growing plants in a greenhouse and do quite well in a man made biome.

The torch ginger does not do well in frost or cold it is truly a tropical flower and needs the humidity and warmth.

A very easy to grow exotic flowers and is on every exotic list of exotic flowers around the world.

Best grown in full sun and it needs plenty of warmth and well drained conditions or indoors so don’t be afraid to try to grow them in your home.

It also requires consistently moist soil so do not let it dry out between watering. Water freely but don’t constantly soak this beautiful flower but it needs to be fed fertilizer every month throughout growing season.

It should be planted in a rich soil high in organic matter. Excellent for the greenhouse, but needs high humidity and artificial light to grow as a healthy beautiful plant.

The Exotic Etlingera Elatior or Red Torch Ginger Are A Great Addition To Any Tropical Garden!

 Etlingera Elatior

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