The Tropical Rainforest Ficus Elastica

Ficus Elastica

More Commonly Known as Rubber Plants

The Tropical rainforest plants very popular ficus elastica, this tree is so famous there was a song written about it I'm sure for the most of us will know it but here’s a paragraph from the song that’s really about determination but the tree is named in it.

Just what makes that little ol' ant, Think he'll move that rubber tree plant, Anyone knows an ant.... can't.... Move a rubber tree plant, caues he's got .... High hopes... I could write down all the words but I think you got the point.

I would sing this to my boys when they got frustrated about something, but it just seemed to make them more frustrated, because the other boys would laugh at the one that was getting sung to.

Ok, back to the Rubber plants...

There are diffrent species of a rubber plant or rubber tree but the Ficus elastica is the most common of them all.

Learn all about rubber plant care and how easy they really are to grow with no worries at all also lean how to create a tropical paradise in you own backyard, and it's as simple as adding just one little plant!

They truly are the perfect Tropical house plant for your home or office.

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Ficus Elastica

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These wonderful Rainforest plants are natural air purifier! The rubber tree has been bred for survival and can manage with less light than most houseplants. It is also one of the best for cleaning toxins from the air. It therefore makes an ideal office plant for a basement or large format office with little natural light or air.

Ficus Elastica

Rubber Tree Care and Information

This plant is a plant form the Tropical rainforest in India, Asia and I believe the Amazon rainforest.

It is usually grown outdoors but over the years like a large majority of tropical rainforest plants they are now great for growing indoors as a house plants.

These somewhat common house plants when grown indoors in a pot they can get 10 feet tall they’re large indoor plants so unless you have really high ceilings, you will need to trim and prune your tree..

These types of evergreen trees if being grown outdoors in your tropical garden need to be planted in USDA zones 10 and warmer.

These like many plants are very beneficial because remove many chemicals and toxins that may be in our indoor environment and even purify the air outside.

Ficus Elastica

This is what they look like in its natural rainforest environment.

Rubber plants like bright light, but never allow it to sit in direct sunlight, at least not for a prolonged amount of time and especially for those being grown in your home or as office plants.

Your indoor plant lighting should be watched to see what happens to the sun and how it moves throughout the day through windows. Make sure you plant isn’t getting direct sun.

They are very tolerant when established and can withstand temperatures as low as 30 degrees but not for long periods of time.

Your plant loves moisture, humidity, and indirect sunlight so make sure to keep your plant moist but don’t over water it.

Ficus Elastica

Propagating plants like these are fairly easy it can be done by either cuttings or air layering. Be very careful Because the milky sap that will weep from your cuttings from the Ficus elastica is toxic and the handling of it can cause a skin irritation and if ingested can make you very sick

You really don’t have to fertilize but if you want a organic fertilizer or a time released fertilizer will be fine once or twice a year.

Another great thing about this plant is that it rarely gets diseased or indoor plants pest luckily insects aren’t particularly attracted to it.

Ficus Elastica

Photo by Shaksu

Ficus Elastica

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