Tropical Flowering Maple

Flowering Maple

Learn all about the Flowering maple also known for its incredible flowers, Abutilon, Chinese Bellflower, and chinese lantern flowers.

This tropical plant and its exotic flowers are perfect for any garden or even being grown as a house plant for your home.

These flowering plants belong to the Mallow family of plants which is called Malvaceae.

Some are not surprised to find out that it is related to Hibiscus, Rose of Sharon, Mallows, Okra, and Hollyhocks. When looking at these flowers you can see a resemblance.

This plant got its name not because it’s a maple tree with flowers but because of the resemblance of the leaves that look just like the distinctive maple leaves.

The Abutilon flowers and plants originally come from and are native to tropical Brazil, but are also found growing abundantly all over Central America.

Some of the flowers that are in the list of exotic flowers that are flowering maples are abutilon hybridum, abutilon theophrasti, abutilon megapotamicum, indian mallow and parlor maple just to name a few.

These are considered to be tender shrubs that are grown as annuals that add color and beauty to your garden.

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Below you can choose from a variety of Abutilon, The plant’s showy flowers come in beautiful shades of pink, red, white, yellow, and orange perfect for adding a tropical look to your flowerbed.

Helpful Hints For Growing Abutilon Plants

The great thing about the parlor maple is that is can be easily grown in your garden and its also suitable for growing indoors as a tropical house plant.

The foliage on this tropical evergreen has the shape of maple leaves but is unique with a velvety fuzzy texture.

Luckily for all those who get to grow these plants gets blessed with Blooms that flower repeatedly for most of the year.

When growing you have several options of propagation, the methods include growing from herbaceous stem cuttings your second choice is from seeds then your third choice are from softwood cuttings.

If you have an existing plant or know someone who has one you can Collect them directly from the plant but make sure to allow the pods to dry on plant then you can break them open to collect the seeds.

Growing flowering maple plants will require a well drained soil.

When watering wait for the soil to dry out completely before watering again.

And as usual I recommend a time release fertilizer to be mixed into the hole before putting seeds or an established plant then every 3 months there after.

Because this plant can get wide and sprawl a bit, make sure to plant at least 10 to 12 inches apart.

Like most tropical’s planting them in zones 9 to 10 is ideal but they can adapt to zones as low as 7 but won’t survive the winters unless you dig them up and bring them in for the frost and snow.

Flowering maples love to be planted in full sun but can do well in partial shade.

Here are many pictures of flowers that all come from Flowering Maple Plants

Flowering Maple

Flowering Maple

Flowering Maple

Above Is The Abutilon Bella

Flowering Maple

This Is Abutilon Canary Bird

Flowering Maple

Abutilon Hybridum

Flowering Maple

Abutilon Thompsonii

Flowering Maple

Abutilon Rosea

Flowering Maple

Abutilon Vitifolium

Flowering Maple

Abutilon Lemon Queen

Flowering Maple

Abutilon Marion

Flowering Maple

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