It's Four O Clock... The Flower

four O clock

This Beautiful tropical and exotic flower the Four O Clock comes from tropical South America and is also known as the marvel of peru.

This exotic great smelling beauty the four o clock flowers have become more popular and is starting to be grown more widely.

This tropical flower received its name because of its habit of opening in the late afternoon around 4:00.

It is not actually the time of day that causes the flowers to open, but the drop in temperature that probably happens around four o clock. The flowers close the next day by early morning warmth of the sun.

All it takes is just one flower to open when immediately you will notice a rich fragrance that is flowing through the air and it’s a wonderful sweet smell makes you want to stay out side and enjoy it!.

This tropical flower is native to most tropical areas of North and South America. They are also called "Marvel of Peru" probably in the country of Peru.

They are perennials that are often grown as annuals depending upon what region and the climate its being grown in, it truly prefers a more tropical biome with warm weather and humidity but can adapt to lesser climates.

4 O Clock flower colors include white, red, pink, yellow, and some two-toned blooms. My favorite is the bright pink.

four o clock

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How do plants grow? Specifically the
Four O Clock plants:

This exotic smelling flower will prefer full and be much healthier in full sun, but will tolerate partial shade.

If the Mirabillis if planted in partial shade may grow but not very full and lush as you truly want it to be..

They will do well in a nutrient rich, well composted soil as they are big eaters so fertilization periodically would be appreciated by this beautiful tropical plant.

Keep soil moist. Add a general purpose fertilizer once or twice a month to encourage growth and more blooms for you to enjoy.

This Beautiful flower from the exotic flower guide should be planted in early spring. Although it is usually listed as an annual, they are able to reseed themselves, these are perennials that don't need replanting year after year....

This incredibly ornamental colorful and leafy plant is so beautiful to look at, that can enhance a garden in many ways. The four o'clock flower is a deep flower that is pretty and fragrant. They are easy to grow and are good for beginner gardeners. It’s the perfect flowering plant for those of us that love to go outside and sit on our patios with friends and family, this plant will make your garden smell like paradise.

The first time I found out about these flowers is when I kept smelling something wonderful at night and I knew it wasn’t my night blooming jasmine because its smell didn’t get strong until late at night, so I asked my neighbor what is that smell coming from you back yard every night and she told me and I been in love with the plant ever since.

four o clock

four o clock

four o clock

four o clock

four o clock

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