Foxtail Palm, The Perfect Palm For Any Tropical Landscape

Foxtail Palm

I love the Foxtail Palm, I have two in my backyard that I planted 6 years ago when I moved into my home and they’re so beautiful and easy, as far as palm tree care goes.

Below I'll show you my palm tree pictures and you’ll see the difference on how they grew with one being in the sun 100% of the time and the other only gets full sun for about a month or so in the summer.

The Foxtail comes from Australia and grows naturally amongst rocks and boulders in Australia, to be more specific in northeastern Queensland in the Melville Range.

The botanical name for this palm tree is Wodyetia Bifurcata but few know it by this name.

The Foxtail's are a species of flowering tree in the Arecaceae family and it can take many years before they flower,

This palm is considered by palm lovers and landscapers to be a useful accent plant or tree for landscaping.

It is prized for its robust trunk and its unique beautiful fluffy bushy leaves.

Foxtail palm may be used alone as an accent specimen and may also be planted in groups of three or more for a stunning tropical jungle effect.

They also are grown as indoor houseplants or as grown in a sun room as long as it is a well lit area.

A foxtail palm tree can also be used grown as a patio or deck plant as well.

Plant your palm outdoors in a spot that will allow the large spread of leaves that can grow up to 15-20 feet tall to have their space.

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Foxtail Palm

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Foxtail Palm

Foxtail Palm

These tropical palm trees may be planted in areas having strong winds and moderate amounts of salt spray, great for beach areas they tolerate so much, I have a lot of sand in my soil and they’re doing just fine.

They are also a perfect palm for sunrooms and patio containers.

The self-cleaning fronds make maintenance easy, but once in a while I see one hanging getting ready to fall off so I will help it along.

These types of evergreen trees become even showier when its brilliant red fruit blossoms. Mine after 6 years still hasn’t grown any fruit, but they are only between 6 and 7 feet which I'm thinking, they’re still not mature enough.

Foxtail Palm

How To Care For a Fox Tail Palm

Always start by maintain a healthy soil for the palm tree to grow healthy in.

By using a nitrogen based fertilizer with magnesium, potassium, iron and copper sulfates added will ensure a stronger, greener more beautiful trees.

The fertilizer provides the needed nutrients that are often gets flushed out of the sandy, well drained soil that palm trees grow in. Fertilize once or twice a year.

Make sure to water slowly and infrequently they really don’t need a lot of water, mine get a good watering to where they are completely soaked once a week and they’re happy.

Prune off the old, brown fronds to keep the tree esthetically pleasing they will usually pull off fairly easy.

Foxtail Palm

As you can see in the palm tree pictures from my back yard, they were both planted at the same time and the same size, but the one in the left gets much more sun than the other and has grown bunch larger. This shows they will grow in the shade just not as fast.

Foxtail Palm

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