Growing Fragrant Freesia Bulbs

Freesia Bulbs

Here you can purchase Freesia Bulbs, they’re easy to grow into magnificent colorful flowers that will adorn your garden and that are perfect for flower cuttings for bouquets and flower arrangements.

Learn about Growing Freesias and Freesia Care.

These beautiful, deliciously fragrant freesia flowers add color and fragrance to your tropical garden with such ease you'll be gald you decided to grow them.

Freesia is a genus that consists of about 14 species.

All of the 14 species of Freesia are African in origin from the family Iridaceae which are native to Africa, but are now seen growing all over in Tropical and Sub-Tropical climates.

Out of all 14 species, there are only 12 that are native to Cape Province South Africa and the last two are indigenous to tropical Africa.

The freesia flower is very fragrant, especially the yellow or white flowers.

When growing freesia they do well in zones from 8 to 10

They are so delicate and easily damaged when grown in areas with freezing temperatures.

If you live in areas with cold weather and even colder winters it is probably best if you grow them in containers so that you can bring them in the winter.

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Freesia Bulbs

Growing Freesia's are so rewarding, they are the perfect choice when wanting to add a splash of vibrant color to your garden for that extra Tropical Look!

Freesia - Double Mixed Colors - $5.75

The Fragrant Double Freesia Mixof Freesia Bulbs, 'Iridaceae Mixed', produces a rainbow mixture of fragrant bell-shaped flowers in a wide range of colors: reds, yellows, oranges, whites and lavender. They are simply charming! The leaves are sword shaped and light green and may be up to 1.5 feet high. Flower stalks are slender and about the same height. As many as 8 funnel-shaped flowers form a loose cluster at the top of each stalk. Where the flowers begin, the stem makes a sharp bend so that the flowers face upward. This mix is hardy in zones 8-10.

vibrant mix of fragrant freesias - $73.95

A vibrant mix of fragrant freesias and vivid alstromeria, both symbolising friendship and maturity of a relationship - a perfect gift for a loved-one or soulmate, all displayed in an easycare arrangement suitable for home or office.

This arrangement is presented in a 12cm black ceramic cube (depending on availability - a white ceramic cube may be substituted)

Fondest Affections - $66.95

Pink roses and white freesias make a sensual, fragrant combination - perfect for demonstrating your love, appreciation or affections. A classic hand-tied bouquet suitable for all occasions.

Scented Freesia Flower Basket - $73.95

Scented flower baskets make particularly popular gifts, as they're fragrant, easy to care for and beautifully decorative.

Hand delivered by a local florist, our scented flower basket contains an assortment of fresh freesias - colourful, pretty and wonderfully sweet-smelling.

Presented in a traditional seagrass flower basket, your gift is sure to bring a smile and brighten up their day.

Freesia Care

Freesias can be propagated by offsets of bulbs and seeds and its quite easy to do it this way.

When planting your freesia flowers make sure to plant them in a spot that will get full sun.

The corms (which are the bulbs) need to be planted close together between 4 to 6 bulbs will work well.

You can either start them in a pot or straight into the ground in your garden will work just fine, I don’t know if I'm lucky but I rarely start any of my plants in pots first then transplant them into the garden, knock on wood.... I have a great success rate.

Your soil should be a well draining soil to start off with then plant your freesia bulbs about 1 inch below the soil in early March.

Keep the plants well watered while the leaves and flowers are developing then when the plant is well established give the freesia a light watering once or twice a week.

When the plant has done its time and dies off you can either just leave the bulb in the ground but if you live where it gets below 32 degrees you might want to dig up the bulbs till time for planting again next spring.

Here is a great example of Freesias in a Bouquet and Some Great Freesia Pictures

Freesia Bulbs

Freesia Bulbs

These are the Double Snowdon Freesias

Freesia Bulbs

Oberon Freesia

Freesia Bulbs

Freesia Bulbs

Above is the Safari Freesia

Freesia Bulbs

Freesia Bulbs

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