Tropical Fritillaria Imperialis

 Fritillaria Imperialis

Learn How to grow Fritillaria Imperialis, its related species in the Liliaceae family, the Persica, Meleagris, & Michailovskyi, Purchase these Tropical flowers for your garden.

All of these are bell shaped flowers that are incredible to look at with its dangling flowers looking as if they’re bells waiting to be rung.

There are up to 90 plus species of the Fritillaria but only a small handful that you can purchase to grow in your tropical gardens.

These incredibly showy tropical flowers can reach an impressive 5 feet tall, unfortunately this unique and exotic looking flowers don’t smell good at all, so don’t plant them under a window that you open often.

These bell shaped perennial flowers come in shades of orange, yellow, are the most popular colors in different shades and last but not least red and purple flowers.

When you decide to growing fritillaria you will notice how they are quite a focal point in you flower bed without trying. Its long green leaves sprouting from the top of this cluster of hanging bell flower is quite impressive and dramatic.

For best results they need to be planted in the fall if you want the blooms to come out in the spring.

Its also good to know ahead of time that they do not do well as container plants.

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If you want to grow a Tropical flower in your garden then these exotic flowers are perfect for you and your garden.

Growing Fritillaria

The best conditions for growing these plants are if you are growing them with mulch you'll be able to grow them in zones 4 to 7. But if you’re not using mulch the best zones for growing them are 8 to 11 which are typical tropical and subtropical conditions.

As far as planting weather its bulb or by seeds the early in the season the better, which is and never let the seeds or bulbs sit around try to plant them immediately. If you must wait a while put them in the refrigerator until you can plant them.

Make sure to plan it full hot sun but it can tolerate a little shade. In fact it might do better with a touch of shade in more southerly gardens where the sun may be more intense.

Plant the bulb or seeds 3 to 5 inches deep and 2 to 3 inches apart for the best results.

They do tend to like somewhat acidic gardens so peat moss can be added before planting. After planting, a little can be gently cultivated between bulbs but do not disturb the bulb if possible. Like most fritillaria, they do resent being moved once established.

The Fritillaria Imperialis can be tricky to grow and it is very important that it has good drainage.

If you can plant these on a bed of gravel, and surround with lots of sand it actually loves these conditions.

Alternatively, angle each bulb sideways to keep water from collecting in the depression at the top of the bulb. Soil should be alkaline, and enriched with organic matter like humus. Also to get better quality of growing conditions, you can add black peat to your existing soil.

Water well in spring but in the summer it won’t need as much watering, letting it dry out completely between watering is best.

Also make sure to protect if from wind because of it growing on long stems and being top heavy, this beautiful flower can be damaged by strong winds.

Once established, bulbs should be left undisturbed it could cause your plant to die if moved.

Remember that it has an unpleasant odor and is often sold to drive moles away from your garden because of its horrible fragrance.

Fritillaria Imperialis

Fritillaria Imperialis

Fritillaria Imperialis

Fritillaria Imperialis

Fritillaria Imperialis

 Fritillaria Imperialis

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