Tropical Fruit Tree Pruning Instructions

Fruit Tree Pruning Instructions

Here are Fruit Tree Pruning Instructions that I hope will help you with knowledge on how to prune fruit trees and the important roll it plays for proper tree health and production of fruit.

I don’t know if most would think that tree pruning is as important as fertilizing or watering your tropical fruit trees, but it is!

Most who grow tropical fruit trees take great pride in them just like their own children.

There is a lot of care and commitment involved with growing fruit trees as far as fruit tree fertilizer, harvesting them, prevention of pest, and naturally when growing fruit trees, when to prune fruit trees.

Pruning and trimming your trees will make them much healthier, fuller and definitely boost the fruit production it can even affect the taste of your

Another thing most of us don’t think of are the pruning sheers that we use. Before I would have never thought twice about using old rusty cutting sheers when trimming a tree. But I know the importance now and will never be so cruel to my trees again..

ALWAYS clean your gardening tools with soap and water each time you use them and when switching from one tree, shrub or brush to another. This is one way tree disease gets spreads throughout your garden from the simple misuse of dirty or rusty garden shears.

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Here Are the Basics on How To Prune Fruit Trees and Fruit Tree Pruning Instructions

The very first and most important rule when pruning fruit trees is to always sharpen your garden shears or any other interments you plan on using then wash them down with soapy water rinsing them off thoroughly. When pruning fruit trees remember that using rusty or unsharpened tools can cause damage tropical plants flowers and decorto your trees and make them targets for diseases and pest.

It’s always best for you to prune your tropical fruit trees in the very beginning of spring. This way it won’t disrupt the fruiting of the tree, you can see where the fruit blooms are and avoid them also your fruit also the wounds from the cuttings will heal better this time of the year.

The branches that are more vital to your fruit tree are the horizontal branches, so when pruning try to remove vertical branches mostly if possible.

It is always best when pruning fruit tree branches to cut them at a 30 degree angles.

Also when cutting branches or even smaller twigs off to always do so closest to either the trunk or branch, never just partially cut them leaving inches or more to straggle.

Always filter through your tree and cut off any sick looking or dead braches, by doing this it allows the tree to stop focusing on the sick braches sending all the nutrients to try to save that Brach and send all the nutrients to the healthy branches so that you will have juicer bigger fruit.

Here is a well kept secret.

If you want your fruit trees to grow and produce larger jucy fruit, cut back more branches because the less branches it has to feed it can concentrate more on the branches it has and give more nutrients to less branches and less branches does mean less fruit but the ones you will produce will be larger.

It’s kind of like our families if we have only one child he will eat more than if there are 6 children that the food has to be divided between them with smaller portions.

I hope these Fruit Tree Pruning Instructions have helped you to take better care of your tropical fruit trees

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Fruit Tree Pruning Instructions

Fruit Tree Pruning Instructions

Fruit Tree Pruning Instructions

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