The Spooky and Rare Ghost Orchids

Ghost Orchids

This rare and endangered Ghost Orchids are a protected orchid species this very rare flower is very difficult and just about impossible to find growing in the wild or let alone growing in someone’s garden.

This flower is so rare and so protected that it is illegal under any circumstances to pick, remove or try to relocate these unique flowers in any way according to he laws that govern this plant, yes there are laws protecting this exotic orchid.

If you want to find out more orchid facts about this Very Unique and ghostly orchid here is what I was able to research just for you!

This rare and endangered orchid is native to Southwest Florida and Cuba and can still be found in very few and well hidden areas where it is found growing naturally in its habitat.

In the state of Florida, this orchids range is much localized in swamps in the Big Cypress which is where alligators, snakes and other peculiar species live in perfect harmony together.

It will typically bloom only one or two ghost flowers through out the year, although there may be as many as 10 but the odds are almost nil that you will ever see that many at one time on one plant, and occasionally if you are lucky enough to witness it a plant will bloom twice in the same season.

When you see the orchid pictures below of the Rare Ghost Orchids you will understand how they got its name, they’re quite amazing but unfortunately impossible to get!

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ghost orchids

ghost orchids

ghost orchids

ghost orchids

ghost orchids

ghost orchids

ghost orchids

ghost orchids

Rare types of orchids and orchid facts

Its easy identifying orchids when they look like the Ghost Orchids.

They are found on trees in natural hardwood hammocks created by nature, sloughs and cypress domes.

The trees they are most found growing in are the pop ash which you’ll see more often than the others, but they're also found in the pond apple, bald cypress, maple and naturally the big oak tree are other favorite hang outs of this plant.

Epiphytic on other plants, and it has no leafs, the photosynthesis occurs through the roots of this amazing orchid, and the roots of this plant can get as long as 20 inches and the roots look of a greenish grey color.

It seeds are swept up the by the wind then travel through the air finding its way on any on rough-barked tree it can find where it begin its cycle.

The germination isn’t particular about which fungus is present when it lands it is happy just to nestle in any fungi on a tree and begin its transformation into these rare orchids.

It's blooms will appear May up until about August, and rarely in other months will it be found blooming, and it blooms the heaviest July pretty much like clock work..

The flowers are white to a ghostly pale creamy green and each bloom or little miniature ghost will be 4 1/2 to 5 inches.

Some are infrequent bloomers with its flowers not appearing for years between seasons when they do not bloom this may be because of the climate of these particular non bloomers.

One the flowers open in succession, they can last 10-14 days at a time.

Nocturnally fragrant, the lower lip of the rare orchids produces two long petals that twist slightly downward resembling the back legs of a jumping frog, hence the common name, Frog Orchid.

This is another one of those times when I get confused, is it a ghost or a frog ? to me it looks like a ghost.

Its night time bloom emits a mild, clean, soap like smell at dusk and night not too over powering just a soft sent that is enjoyable.

An old wives tale is that the Ghost Orchid was pollinated by the Giant Sphinx Moth, or Cocytius antaeus. This theory arose based on the Darwin theory of evolution, that adaptation happens depending upon the surrounding habitat. Interesting....

They have a five inch nectar spurs that contain a sweet sugar based nectar that is attractive to birds and bees which is frustrating to them because they cant reach the nectar, only local insect which has a long enough proboscis to drink the nectar is the giant sphinx moth. Thus, the theory of the giant sphinx moth arose.

ghost orchids

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