Tropical Giant Fountain Grass

Giant Fountain Grass

The Tropical Giant Fountain Grass is a beautiful addition to any evergreen garden.

It's scientific name of plants of this species is also known as Pennisetum Setaceum Rubrum. My favorite is actually the purple fountain grass or the rose fountain grass.

These ornamental fountain grass are absolutely great to use them as privacy shrubs because of their height, size, width and density.

The fountain grass is a perennial evergreen shrub when grown in warmer more tropical like climates that are closer to their natural habitat in places like tropical Africa, southwestern Asia will grow to a magnificent stature and fullness that fills your garden like no other

Densely tufted and grows in large clumps of tall looking grass depending on the species, will have white to pinkish cattail like flower heads that are fluffy looking that shoot up like sprays of water in a water fountain from summer through fall, and often into winter in warmer more tropical biomes.

My favorite is the Giant Burgundy Fountain Grass or Pennisetum setaceum 'Burgundy Giant', because of its rusty burgundy spears that shoot up with the feathery soft fuzzy cat tail blooms that can be in a soft pink color to off white are stunning.

Some of the more popular grasses are rose fountain grass, purple fountain grass, red fountain grass, dwarf fountain grass, and black fountain grass some are dwarf and others Giant Fountain Grass.

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Giant Fountain Grass

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Some of the popular grasses are rose fountain grass, purple fountain grass, red fountain grass, dwarf fountain grass, and black fountain grass some are dwarf and others Giant Fountain Grass.

Grass - Purple Fountain - $29.95

The Grass 'Purple Fountain Grass', Pennisetum setaceum atropurpurea , is a fast growing, clump grass. It has purple foliage and purple foxtail-like flowers. This plant is only an annual in northern climates. It makes a great speciment plant and can be used as a center piece in a container.

Plant in fertile well drained soil in full sun after all danger of frost has passed. "Purple Fountain Grass" is a vigorous grower that will quickly fill in any bed or container. The foxtail like plumes will appear mid summer and last until first frost.

Giant Fountain Grass

Giant Fountain Grass

When investigating about these fast growing shrubs the Giant Fountain Grass, I found that this shrub identification showed that it can be an invasive plant if not taken under control and on some of the Hawaiian Islands this seems to be a problem.

So If you are gong to grow these lovely evergreen shrubs you will need to know how to control them which is rather easy. Its just like weeding, you need to get to the root and pull the stems out when they start to branch and start to spread out. Just keep it contained where you want it to grow by using this weeding process.

Recommended growing zones are 9 to 11 but it can grow as zone 5 but it wont do well in the winters there..

Fountain grass loves to grow in full sun and that’s where it defiantly grows best, although it can tolerate partial sun

This is another plant that can tolerate semi neglect but keeping the sol mist but not constantly soaked is what’s best for these types of evergreen shrubs.

Giant Fountain Grass

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