Tropical Golden Chain Tree

Golden Chain Tree

The Golden Chain tree is one of the most breath taking tropical yellow flowering trees that I have ever seen and are definitely one of my favorites and very easy to grow.

They are so perfect for any tropical landscaped garden all your neighbors, family and friends will be jealous of your unique exotic showy tree.

Here you will learn all about them and how they grow and I have also made them available so you can buy one for yourself to grow.

This yellow flowering tree is also known by its botanical names such as Cassia Fistula, Senna Fistula, and Cassia javanica is one of the most beautiful of all exotic and tropical trees.

When it sheds its leaves out come these cascading clusters of long, bunches of draping elegant yellow gold flowers, they are so incredibly beautiful!

This is a tropical ornamental tree that will grow up to 40 feet tall and are commonly seen on streets in parks and gardens in tropical regions.

These trees originate from Central and South America, Australia, India and tropical Asia, luckily for most these trees are now grown in many tropical and sub tropical regions around the world for many to enjoy its beauty.

These trees are nearly impossible to find in your ordinary nursery to purchase, but fortunately I have found some online nurseries that carry them so you can grow them in your own garden.

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Below are seeds as well as plants for you to grow and be the envy of all your neighbors and friends!

Below you can purcase this
tropical beauty from

First thing to remember is that the shower tree is a fast growing tree which can get as wide as it is tall, up to 40 feet both ways.

This Yellow flowering tree grows best in zones 10 to 11, naturally in warmer tropical humid climates are best.

It loves and thrives on growing in full sun and is drought tolerant although watering is always best.

All parts of plant are poisonous if ingested especially the seeds within the pods it produces.

As you can see the Golden Shower
Tree is quite amazing!

Golden Chain Tree

Golden Chain Tree

Golden Chain Tree

Golden Chain Tree

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