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Begonia Plants

In my opinion the Growing Begonias and the Begonia Plant has been set a side to other tropical rainforest plants. Growing them is easy and its one of the most common house plants and tropical garden plants that are seen and grown everywhere.

There are so many species of begonia plants that have different looks to tome, there beautiful varieties, textures and colors to choose from.

These many different types of begonias come from tropical rainforest areas which requires tropical environments such as warmth and humidity when growing begonias.

Here in Huntington Beach Ca. not too often but it sometimes can get into the 40's in the night and we have them everywhere, this shows they have a bit of tolerance to colder weather.

Most are rainforest understory plants and require bright shade, which puts them in the category of low light houseplants; same goes for if they’re grown outside. Few will tolerate full sun, especially in warmer climates but not too often.

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Growing Begonias

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Growing Begonias

Growing Begonias

Indirect sunlight is what these tropical rainforest plants desire the most, direct sunlight can damage the plant by burning the leafs and discoloring them.

Growing them in hanging baskets is where they look best wheatear in indoors or out, even plant stands work really well to allow them to just hang around, they love it!

Make sure when Growing Begonias the soil is kept moist at all times. They don't like to get dry, nor do they like to be too wet. They are kind of temperamental.

Begonias love to be sprayed with water, it helps to fool them somewhat into thinking they’re in their natural habitat, by getting the extra humidity which in turn produces a healthier plant.

Begonias should be fed with time released fertilizer pellets every 3 months or so. If you wonder how big they will get, well they can grow to adapt to the size of the pot or the area in which it’s planted.

Once your begonia begins to flower, it will continue for months for you to enjoy.

Make sure the plant is not kept in a cold area as begonias they hate it as well as a drafty area. If you put it in one of these places you can pretty much be guaranteed for it to die.

Growing Begonias

This will help with Identifying house plants the" Begonia Plants"

Appearing from left to right...

Top row:
Baby Dress,
Black Beauty,
Black Fang,
Chocolate Cream

Second row:
Color Vision,
Five and Dime,
Last Laugh,

Third row:

Mini Merry,
Queen Olympus,
Venetian Red

Bottom row:
Stained Glass,
Shirt Sleeves,
Vista,Winky's Chocolate Chip,

Growing Begonias

Begonia Blossoms Male And Female, you can really see the differance

To Find Out About the Angel Wing Begonia CLICK HERE

These plants have male and female flowers both growing on the same plant. The male has many stamens, and the female believe it or not has an ovary and up to 4 stigmas in the center, they’re quite beautiful looking at them close up. Look at the pictures below showing this.
I will show you a few pictures of house plants of the Begonia. I couldn’t possibly show all 1,000 species, but hopefully these will help you identify many of them.
There are over 1,000 species of the begonia they are also considered a terrestrial plant meaning growing in soil.

Growing Begonias

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