Growing Ginger An Exotic Flower

growing ginger

Growing Ginger particularly the Indonesian wax ginger, which is obviously from Indonesia and New Guinea has tall, branching ginger like stems that rise from the ground.

With a waxy look to them some times they don’t even look real, like maybe a plastic or wax flower. Humm maybe that’s how it got its name?.

These remarkable plants consist of small yellow flowers surrounded by tightly arranged bright red bracts which have thorns on the tips.

These pineapple shaped structures are very prominent and make a dramatic splash to any shady part of a tropical garden

Understandably these incredibly unique flowers should be on my exotic flower guide making the list of exotic flowers.

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growing ginger

growing ginger

The two exotic flowers above are Tapeinochilus Ananasse, Indonesian Wax Ginger a popular ginger flower

The Indonesian wax ginger or ginger flower is one of the most beautiful and exotic plants on the market today. This is a "must have" plant for any tropical enthusiast!

Definitely a jungle plant, gowing ginger exspecially this ginger flower prefers to be in the shade half of the day, not full sun.

It will also grow best in a rich moist soil and wont grow well in very hot regions with a pronounced dry season.

Propagation of their exotic flower is by root division or by cuttings taken just below a joint on the stem

When caring for your ginger plant they can grow to be 8 feet tall which the stems kind of look like bamboo. Growing ginger: Zingiber spectabile Beehive Ginger. Hardy in all but frost areas, this florist favorite has proven it self during the Queensland drought.

While some plants have suffered over the last few years, Beehive

Gingers have still flowered well.

The stems look like dwarf bamboo to 2m give a real tropical feel.

During summer masses of Beehive flower heads emerge covering the ground. More cold tolerant than people would expect from such tropical looking flowers, Beehives have flowered as far south as Sydney.

Beehives start to produce heavily from 3 years old. Flowers in a 30cm or larger pot.

The more you water the faster the clump will grow. Once a week watering is plenty to produce a good display, but Beehive Ginger will handle less and still look good.

Growing ginger flower beehive is a lot like the wax ginger flower where as it prefers morning sun to 80% shade and in the southern states aim for 50% shade.

Which ever one of these you choose to grow or possibly both, you'll love the exotic tropical flowers and the compliments you will get from friends and family.

growing ginger

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