Growing Pineapple

Growing Pineapple

Growing Pineapple is such a great experience, besides being a cancer fighting fruit, having pineapple in your own back yard is very rewarding and all your friends will be envious.

This is my favorite healthy fruit, the pineapple. It is also known as Ananas Comosus is on the top of my fruit list of tropical fruits.

Here I will give you information on the basic steps for and growing information on growing pineapple plants and how starting a pineapple plant is really easy.

This was one of my Mothers favorite tropical fruit trees to grow because of so many health benefits form this wonderful and healthy fruit.

Did you know pineapple plants can be propagated from fresh pineapples purchased at the grocery store?

Pineapple should still have its green spiked leaves attached to the top and not have any mold or be excessively dried in order to make it grow.

If the small leaves in the center of the top pull out easily the fruit is too old and you should try a different pineapple this also means it’s not a healthy piece and may be rotting.

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Starting a Pineapple Plant, How To Grow Pineapple And Growing Pineapples

You first need to start with very carefully cutting the leaves off of the top of the pineapple at the point where the prickly leaves come out at the top, but please be careful the pine apple is very thick skinned and it may take a bit of effort to cut it.

Do not leave any portion of the fruity part of the pineapple attached to the leaves just the outer skin and the meat attached tropical plants flowers and decorto the skin, no fruit otherwise it will cause the extra pineapple to rot infecting the whole plant.

Keep continuing to removing the lowest most outer leaves until 5-10 larger leaves are left in the center, there many be small leaves hidden inside. This should expose ½ to 1 inch of stem tissue.

Place the shoot in some water in a shallow bowl about 1/2 inch deep. The bases of the leaves should not be submerged in the water otherwise it will cause it to rot. Pineapple can mildew or rot very easy so follow directions carefully. A glass will work possibly better because it will keep the shoots upright. The water should be changed every couple of days to prevent mold or rot.

Pineapple plant care... Put your pineapple shoot in a bright spot that receives little or no direct sunlight. It may take several weeks for the roots to start to grow but when they do is pretty exciting.

Growing Pineapple

When growing pineapple plants after the roots have begun to grow, you can now plant your pineapple into a pot or even into your garden, but make sure you have well-draining soil where you are placing it.

All pineapples need to be planted in the garden where the temperature remains the warmest, such as the infamous south side of a home, or in a sunny spot of your garden, porch, or patio.

If you wanted to grow it in a pot first that will be ok but once your pineapple has become established and is healthy go ahead and plant it in the garden.

When Growing Pineapple the best soil for the pineapple is a well drained sandy loam mixed with organic soil you can purchase this from most online stores, I have provided them below, but sometimes it is a seasonal item that is sold.

The plant is surprisingly drought tolerant, but will still need water because moisture is necessary in order to get juicy pineapple.

growing pineapple

Growing Pineapple

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