Guava Tree, Guava Fruit and
Pineapple Guava

guava tree

The Guava Tree produces different types of fruit and it even has different flavors such as strawberry and pineapple guava, it is a tropical fruit that can be pear shaped, round or oval, no matter which shape, it’s delicious!

I actually love the juice for this tropical fruit, you can buy it fresh from the store or even canned and it taste great.

It has a green rind or skin and pinkish or white flesh and small seeds in the center.

Some people say it is better than an orange because it contains more Vitamin C than an orange and guava can be a lot cheaper than oranges in many areas.

Guavas can be a very lush tree and doesn’t mind some heavy pruning or shaping, it can be such a lush tree that it is sometimes used as hedges or screens in your garden.

Since the fruit is produced from new growth, pruning this tree does not interfere with next year’s crop.

Guava trees and the pineapple guava tree actually thrive in both humid and dry climates, but can survive only a few degrees of frost, you will get best results in a tropical or sub tropical environment.

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guava tree

guava tree

This the pineapple guava tree is one another types of evergreen trees, with beautiful bluish green leaves that are silvery white underneath them.

Trees usually bloom in spring around May and are covered with small flowers that look like orchids that are pink and crimson.

The delicate light colored pink petals are a delicious treat and have a sweet flavor and texture that melts in your mouth like cotton candy, so I hear I haven’t tried it myself yet, If I have the chance I wouldn’t mind trying it, I love cotton candy!

These are the basics for growing these types of fruit trees;

A slow release, balanced fertilizer with micronutrients is best for this tree to help produce tasty fruit, find one that is high quality 10-10-10 with micronutrients.

This should contain nitrogen, phosphorus and potassium as well as iron, zinc, manganese, molybdenum, copper and boron the important vitamins needed.

Use approximately 1/2 cup of fertilizer per application for each year of a pineapple guava’s age, if its 2 year old you should use 1 cup of this fertilizer.

Make sure spread the fertilizer evenly over the Guava tree root zone and soak it with water to get the vitamins down to the roots.

Fertilize 3 times each year in February, May and July, avoiding a 2 inch radius around the trunk.

guava tree

guava tree

guava tree

It will recover from a brief exposure to 29° but may be completely defoliated and you will have to start from scratch.

Newly grown trees are sensitive to cold weather. Older trees, killed to the ground, have sent up new shoots which fruited 2 years later so dont completely give up if it dies down.

Guavas can take quite a bit of neglect, temporary water logging and very hot temperatures. They usually bear fruit better in areas with a cooler season.

Assisted overhead protection and planting on south side of a building or structure will often provide frost protection for guavas in cooler areas.

A little extra effort will be needed for colder areas by covering the tree with fabric or electric warming lights can be used for added warmth.

Potted plants can be moved to a more protected site if necessary.

guava tree

This Is How the Guava Fruit Is Protected From Birds and Pest Like Rats And Other Vermin Like the Neighbors Kids, haha

guava tree

What a great idea using the guava fruit hollowed out to put sorbet in for a beautiful and tasty desert. I personally Love deserts and serve them to me and my boys everyday and this is just another great way to make it fun !!!`

As you can see from the pictures above guava can come in many sizes and color but no matter what they’re all a very healthy fruit for you and your family.

guava tree

guava tree

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