Fun Hawaiian Luau Party Games

Hawaiian Luau Party Games

No Luau is complete until you have Fun Hawaiian Luau Party Games for your Adult guest as well as luau party games for kids for hours and hours of fun and laughter.

Learn how to play traditional Polynesian games that I am sharing with you and your other options are to buy some of the games I have provided for you below, buy some games and have fun and create some hysterical memories that you your family and friends will laugh about for years to come!

Remember to get creative and try to think up some Hawaiian Luau Party Games of your own and if you have a swimming pool your opportunity for more Hawaiian Luau Party Games increases significantly.

Here is another fun game that is so simple and brings out the competitive side of everyone.

Pineapple Bowling
If you can get try to get 10 pineapples of equal size. Set them up like a pyramid or triangle shape the point of it facing you. This is just like how bowling pins are set up. Get a coconut and try to knock down all the pineapples or pins or just buy the ready made set below.

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Hawaiian Luau Party Games

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No Luau is complete without the fun challanges of some good competition with some games to liven up the fun, below are some games you can puchase to make sure everyone has fun at your party!

Ok, how fun would it be to be to take pictures of your guest with one of these?

These are great to give to your guest for wining at limbo or the ring toss etc.

Here are some of my favorite games to play at luaus actually they can be played any time of the year, its great when trying to think of new ways to get your kids outside to play!

Hot Coconut
Everyone knows this favorite it’s just been changed up a little to be more suited for a luau. You play this game just like “hot potato”. Have everyone sits in a circle, blast the Polynesian music in the back ground then pass the coconut from one to the next and as soon as the music stops, the person holding the coconut leaves the circle. The last person to remain wins!

This is very similar to checkers but done Hawaiian style... You play this game of a wooden board that you can make your self, nothing fancy, make 36 indentations or divots, just like checkers then fill them alternating black or white stones. One stone of each color is taken from the center of the board and hidden in one player’s fists. The second player picks a hand, and whoever ends up with the black stone moves first. Then the players take turns jumping their opponent’s pieces, like in checkers, and the jumped pieces are removed from the playing field. The one who wins is player who makes the last jump and no more moves can be made.

Lets Not Forget Hula Hoop Contest
The winner of this luau beach party games is person who can hula the longest, and for the person who can hula with the most hula hoops around their waist. This is a very funny game to watch, the tings people do to try to keep the hoops up is hysterical!

Everyone loves limbo, we may not all be able to do it but for some reason we all want to at least try. This is most popular luau games played. The objective is to see "how low can you go" and who ever can limbo the lowest is crowned the Winner!!

Hawaiian Luau Party Games

Hawaiian Luau Party Games

Hawaiian Luau Party Games

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