The Exotic and Tropical
Heliconia Flower

Heliconia Flower

The Tropical Heliconia flower, the only genus in the family helicomiaceae, the heliconia shrub is among the fast expanding groups of ornamental plants especially tropical exotic flowers.

There may be up to 250 named species and almost that many from cultivars grown by botanist, gardeners and botanical gardens.

There are just so many exotic flowers but the tropical heiconia flower is now becoming more popular for its unique, brightly colored bracts and exotic look with its heliconia mixed species includint the parakeet heliconia. Its also being grown on a much grander scale and is becoming more familiar to a much wider range of people and cultures.

The most common colors that these exotic flowers heliconia flower comes in are offer bright yellow, orange, and red heliconia flowers and also a combination of these colors, they are now even becoming popular as silk tropical flowers and are beautiful in heliconia arrangements.

But now there are several other colors ranging from a deep burgundy then fading to a soft pale pink tropical plant and flower.

The Heliconia is actually a relative to the banana plant and if you really look you may see that many of them exhibit banana-like leaves with some being narrow to wide, by the way if you’ve seen the blooms from a musa ornate, the banana tree, they are very stunning and colorful, but I must say the heliconia and ginger plants are some of my favorite flowers that are grown abundantly in Hawaii.

I hope you will enjoy these tropical flower pictures of the Heliconia and even buy some for your garden.

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Heliconia Flower

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Heliconia Flower

Heliconia Flower

Caring for the exotic flower guide s top plants, the Heliconia.

If planting your heliconia flower outside, be sure you take into account the growing habit and what its need will be.

Once its established these rare tropical flowers, heliconias are aggressive growers and need room to spread out. They might need up to 4 to 6 feet of spacing between them. There are some fertilizers you can use once a season to help encourage more blooming year round. You will most likely see them bloom most during the rainy seasons which I think is great to have more blooming flowers in the rainy season..

The real trick with heliconias a family member of ginger plants, is once the blooms which are really inflorescence, not a flower has died you should always cut off the entire the ground! But I do keep a little of the beautiful green foliage just so it doesn’t look so baron.

This does work even thou it seem a little painful to cut it down but it encourage new growth, new blooms and will keep your plants thinned out and healthy looking. If you have wind storms where you live it will be necessary for you to trim off tattered leaves that are easily shredded by the wind.

Heliconia Flower

Heliconia Flower

Heliconia Flower

Heliconia, is also popularly known as lobster claw flower, wild plantain or false bird of paradise, and when looking at it you can see the similarities and how it got its name.

More details on growing the Heliconia flower

Heliconias should be planted in a draining soil with the top sticking out of the ground. Heliconias flourish well in loamy soils rich in humus.

Prune the old shoots to about 5 inches before you plant it.

It's ok to plant rhizomes which may or may not have a young shoot.

The eyes or buds, present in the heliconia rhizome helps to grow new shoots in about four weeks, while roots grow from the rhizome.

Heliconias need and love lots of sunlight, As long as it does not go below 40 degrees.

Since Heliconias are heavy feeders, a soluble balanced or granular time-release fertilizers can be used which are my favorite.

Heliconia's blooming season is once to several times a year.

Heliconias need a lot of sun and heat, so put in sun or brightly lit area or keep them under a sun lamp for extended periods.

Heliconias need lots of water they love it just make sure they’re not sitting in still water.

Mulching is necessary as it retains moisture around root zone, and controls the weeds.

Place a slow release fertilizer directly into the planting hole.

Overwatering may cause the roots to rot so be careful not to over water them.

Always remember to remove any dead foliage or flowers to help promote new grown.

Heliconia Flower

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