Help with Brunfelsia Latifolia, AKA Yesterday Today and Tomorrow

Brunfelsia Latifolia

Brunfelsia Latifolia

a friend owns a small nursery and someone gave her a 2-3 foot Brunsfeldia plant (spelling is probably wrong), and
she gave it to me. I cannot find information on care of and problems of plant. It has all the purple flowers on it now but the leaves yellow and dull and would like to get it in super condition because it has been neglected. I think
the common name is today, tomorrow and forever plant. Am not sure what fertilizer to use but yellow leaves make me
think of nitrogen but need further advice on. please let me know of all the things I should be doing with this beautiful plant. I live in Maple Valley, WA 98038 so it
is a houseplant.

Hi Jill,

You are so lucky to have one of these incredible flowering plants, they are very hard to get a hold of.

To grow the Yesterday Today and Tomorrow plant, or Brunsfelsia Latifolia, it needs a slightly acidic soil. Make sure not to over water it, let the soil dry out completely be fore watering again too much water can cause the leafs to turn yellow.

You may be right and it may need nitrogen but over watering is usually the main cause for leaves to turn yellow, also if it’s not getting enough sun although they can’t tolerate direct sunlight for the entire day, make sure its not sitting directly in front of a window they need partial shade.

Here is the link to my page on this beautiful flower that originated form the Brazilian rainforest.

Hope this has helped a bit.

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my comment for my posted Brunfelsia Latifolia
by: Jill Penney

This plant last summer turned into the most beautiful flowering plant I have ever owned. It grew much fuller and larger with nice deep green leaves and it never stopped blooming. It lived on my front porch with partial sun in the am and the same in early evening. I watered (soaked) every day and every day had so many blooms. It loved the
summer in WA State. Currently is living inside
getting more water and some natural fertilizer and just started to put on new leaves.

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