Hi, I am looking for a FIRM hammock


Sunbrella Fabric Hammock Bed

Sunbrella Fabric Hammock Bed

I saw a macrame hammock years ago and it was firm, sort of like a mattress. In other words, my butt would not bottom out! Any ideas?
(Love your website!)

Hi Heather,

I'm so glad that you Love my website, I’ve put a lot of hard work into it! And I love your sense of humor!

I know exactly what you are talking about and there are several that I recommend that I know to be very comfortable.

But remember there are many others too for you to compare to, just click on the link of the Hammock you think you like and read the specifications.

Here is the link to that page, http://www.tropical-plants-flowers-and-decor.com/cheap-hammocks.html

If you scroll down the page you will find Sunbrella Fabric Hammock Bed which is wonderful and comfortable then there is Phat Tommy Grand Hammock and the Pawleys Island Large Quick-Dry Fabric Hammock.

Like you I don’t like it when my tooshie bottoms out and with all of these it wont, just make sure to get a good hammock stand for it or really securely attach it to two trees.

I hope this will help in your decision making.

Have a wonderful day!


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