Tropical Honeysuckle Vines and Honeysuckle Plants

Tropical Honeysuckle Vines

There are so many Tropical Honeysuckle Vines to choose from and I have them all here! Learn everything there is to know about Growing Honeysuckle and the different species of vines and honeysuckle plants, they’re so easy to grow and the reward for growing them is a beautiful tropical plant, a fragrant garden and a vine that attracts beautiful butterflies and hummingbirds.

These beautiful twining vines come in so many different colors and sizes, and some of them really do taste like honey, I know this first hand because as a kid I used to pull the stems from the center of the flowers and taste the honey on them, they were yummy, no wonder Hummingbirds, butterflies and bees love these perennial flowering vines so much.

Some varieties of the Honeysuckle are known as an evergreen, while others are known as deciduous and they truly can vary including the hardiness that will depend on the different hybrid varieties and the zones that you are growing vines in.

A Honeysuckle plant generally prefers to be planted in full sun, but it will tolerate partial sun and doesn’t need much water once it has matured it is a very self-sufficient and easy growing vine.

As most plants, it prefers a rich soil when first planted and for the soil to be kept consistently moist but not over watered. They should be planted in early spring for best results and from that point watch it take off.

Its best to Fertilize at the first sings of spring usually early April with a balanced fertilizer (10-10-10) then once more in August to help boost a healthier plant and more blooms.

After your vine is finish blooming and the flowers are starting to fall off is the best time to prune and cut back your tropical vine to help keep it under control, it not it will as they say spread like wild fire.

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Honeysuckle Vines

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These Tropical Plants are desired by many and now you too can grow them yourself and create a tropical sweet smelling garden with very little effort.

Honeysuckle Vine

Honeysuckle Plants

Honeysuckle flowers are attractive to hummingbirds and butterflies myking your gaden beautiful and enchanting!

Honeysuckle Plant and its Fragrance

The unmistaken fragrance of the honey suckle adds a scent of
romance throughout the air!

Honeysuckle - Goldflame - $24.95

The Honeysuckle Goldflame Lonicera x heckrotti 'Goldflame'is one of my favorites with it's red flower buds that gradually change to pink as they open and expose a bright yellow flower. These blooms are so fragrant and continue blooming from spring through summer and they will fill your garden and home with the sweetest smell, is incredible. Goldflame . Let this honeysuckle scramble across the ground in areas where few other things will grow -- its vining habit can be horizontal as easily as vertical! If trained on a trellis, Goldflame needs to be tied to a vertical stake at planting time for support as it grows. It will then need support from a fence, trellis, or other structure. Requires full sun and moderately moist soil that is fertile.

Honeysuckle Vines

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Honeysuckle Vines

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