The Tropical and Exotic Hong Kong Orchid Tree and The Exotic Hong Kong Orchid Flowers

Hong Kong Orchid Tree

The Hong Kong Orchid tree which is also known as the Bauhinia Blakeana tree named after a herbalists named Jan and Caspar Bauhin.

This tree alos belongs to the Botanical Family of Caesalpinioideae are quite a site to behold.

Being able to actually see a flowering Bauhinia blakeana is one thing, but one of the best attractions of this plant for collectors or just amateur tropical gardeners is that they will love the fact that they will bloom during the winter time too. This usually occurs from November to late Aprl and May.

Me personally, I love anything that blooms in the winter.

This tropical evergreen tree truly are beautiful trees! Some think that it’s a orchid tree although it’s really not an orchid tree, but the flowers are gorgeous just the same and carry a slight fragrant aroma to them.

With these large deep green heart shaped leaves, or double lobed leaf and its 4 to 6 inch purple flowers some with a tint of white or red to them and there is even an all white flower, either way this tree will brings a very tropical look to any landscape...

These stand out flowering trees flowers were finally admired so much that in 1965 it was made the official emblem of Hong Kong, used as Hong Kong's coat of arm, its flag and on its coins.

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Hong Kong Orchid Tree

Tropical Flowering Trees

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Hong Kong Orchid Tree

Hong Kong Orchid Tree

Hong Kong Orchid Tree

Hong Kong Orchid Tree

As you can see in the pictures of trees above, the Hong Kong Orchid flowers are stunning!

Orchid trees, how to grow plants

The Hong Kong Orchid tree loves to grow in full sun and this is where it will grow to its full potential with large pink, magenta, purple, red or white flowers.

These quick growing trees can get as tall as 20 feet and with a spread that can get to be 25 feet wide.

Once established these trees do not require a lot of attention but as I always say if you want more lush foliage and leaves and brighter and more abundant flowers always use fertilizer at least every other month.

When watering soaking your tree two three times a week will keep it happy.

These beautiful flowers are believed to be sterile which means that they will not set seed so the plant will not drop long pods as other orchid trees do, which makes them even more valuable to those whom get the pleasure to grow them.

Hong Kong Orchid Tree

Hong Kong Orchid Tree

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