Tropical House Plants Common Diseases

House Plants Common Diseases

House plants common diseases...

Like all plants, houseplants can suffer from a variety of diseases and its up to us to help prevent or cure the problems as they arise.

Most all of the house plant diseases that your plants may get are typically originating from germs that are somewhat contagious or damaging to your plant that are caused by viruses, bacteria or fungus.

Houseplants suffer less from diseases than plants in your garden because you have more control over the environment they grow in and the elements that come in contact with them.

One of the best ways to prevent house plants common diseases and house plant insects is to clean all your gardening tools after using them, and prior to transplanting plants, this will help prevent house plants problems and possibly prevent those nasty house plant diseases, house plant pest, house plant bugs and insects.

There are remedies for these house plant diseases some natural house hold items and some that Ortho and other miracle-gro that make taking care of your plants and nursing them back to health much easier.

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House Plants Common Diseases

House plant Pests

As far as pests go, you are most likely to encounter house plant diseases problems with aphids, white flies, mealy bugs, spider mites, and scales.

Here is more information about these common pests and how to deal with them.

Aphids are tiny bugs that live and feed in groups. They can be different colors including white, green, brown, or even orange.

Look for them on new plant growth and young flowers. An easy way to treat aphids is with a blast of high-pressure water from a hose.

Lady bugs are also known for attacing and killing Aphids. you can buy packs of live lady bugs at local hardware stores and sprinkle them on your plants and let nature do the rest.

Plants Common Diseases

Live Ladybugs and Natural Pesticides

Below you can purchase live lady bugs which are one of the best ways to help prevent and cure diseases with your beautiful Tropical Plants. There are also my recommended natural pesticides.

Plants Common Diseases

House Plants Common Diseases

You can recognize the mealy bug by its white, fluffy, wax coating. They typically appear on the underside of leaves. Try using a little alcohol on a cotton ball and applying it to the mealy bugs. The alcohol will penetrate the wax and eventually kill the pests.

House Plants Common Diseases

Mites are very small insects and can be hard to detect if you arent looking for them. They can form a thin web over the plant. Affected plant leaves may appear spotted and the flowers may start to look unhealthy. Try blasting off the mites with water.

House Plants Common Diseases

Scales appear as sticky areas on leaves and stems. Any tiny dots that you can remove with your fingers may be scales. Remove them by hand and carefully monitor the plant for more outbreaks.

These little White flies are very small flying insects that cluster around your plant and fly away when the plant is moved or shaked even slightly. Use a natural or organic pesticide to control them.

To get rid of these pests, try diluting a very small amount of soap in water and wash the leaves of your plants. Depending on the plant, you can also choose to cut off parts of the plant that have a serious infestation of bugs it’s sometimes the best or only way to stop an infestation.

House Plants Common Diseases

Picture Above are Scales on A Leaf

Gray Mold, this fungus can be found many parts of a plant. Begonias, African Violets and Cyclamens are mostly attracted by this disorder.

To treat, cut away the affected parts and increase air circulation. Scoop away mold found on the soil, and spray the plant with a fungicide. Commercial versions can be found in any garden center. You can make a homemade spray first put water into a spray bottle, a tablespoon of baking soda, and a teaspoon of vegetable oil this may do the trick.

Black Leg
This horrible house plants common diseases disorder affects stem cuttings and is caused by a fungus called Botrytis. This fungus is found on cutting and turns the base black. Affected cuttings should be discarded. Prevention is simple.... have well drained soil and avoid over watering.

Powdery Mildew
Is found on the leaves of plants. It appears as a white powder on the leaves. Unlike Gray Mold, Powdery Mildew will not kill affected plants, but instead weak. To treat, removed badly mildewed leaves and spray the plant with a fungicide. Air circulation is the key for prevention.

Leaf Spot
This disease is most often found on Dracaenas and Dieffenbachia. I looks like moist brown spots on the leaves. In severe cases, the spots become one big spot and kill the entire leaf. Leaf Spot is caused by bacteria and fungi. Treatment is to remove affected leaves, spray with a fungicide, and water sparingly for a few weeks. Now house plants common diseases should be gone.

Watering is most important of healthy plants. Most tend to over water, creating the proper breeding grounds for fungi and other disease-causing agents. Always check the soil to see if watering is necessary by sticking your finger in the soil. If it’s dry, add some water but if it’s moist, leave it alone. Always make sure all houseplants have ventilation. Also don’t crowd them. Always remove dead flowers and foliage as well.

House Plants Common Diseases

This Is A Picture Of Black Leg On The Root Of A Plant And Is A House Plants Common Diseases

House Plants Common Diseases

House Plants Common Diseases

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