Rare Hoya Plants

Hoya Plants

The Hoya plants were once a very rare tropical flower, but in the recent years it is becoming more popular because of its unique look and peculiar flowers that cluster up into a ball.

They are quite a sight to see up close, especially the hoya carnosa compacta.

Hoya is often called wax plant because some of its fragrant flower clusters that look waxy and very plastic like, while others have a fine fuzzy texture, kind of like peach fuzz.

This plant if allowed to can be a climber with thick green leaves growing up a small trellis. You will most often see this plant in hanging baskets where this magnificent plant does best with its incredible white or pink flowers draping over the sides.

The Hoya Plant needs bright light to bloom well, but will grow in medium light.

Temperatures should be between 55 and 75 degrees F.

You can grow these plants indoors in hanging pots or if you grow them outside you must live in climates where you don’t have frost in the winter warm temperatures and little humidity always helps.

For growing your plants outside you will have to use a trellis or planting sticks with tie backs, once it starts to bloom, the blooms can get heavy and may start to droop over which is fine or you can support them.

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Hoya plants

Hoya plants

Hoya Plants

Hoya Plants

H. Ciliata

Hoya Plants

Great Picture By Martin Heigan

Hoya Plants


Hoya Plants

H. Florde Cera

Hoya Plants


Hoya Plants

H. Parviflora

Hoya Plants

H. Shooting Stars

Hoya Plants

Hoya SP.

Hoya Plants


Hoya Plants


Hoya Plants


Hoya Plants


How Do Plants Grow, Basic care instructions

Make sure to provide your hoya with some direct sunlight. These unique plants can tolerate moderate to lowlight possibly filtered light, but if your looking for lush growth and lots of flowers, place them in front of shaded south or east window.

Hoyas exotic house plants can and will tolerate cool and hot temperatures, that’s what makes them so wonderful to grow besides their obvious beautiful flower clusters.

When Do I Water My Hoya? You’ll know when its time to water when you can fell the top soil is dry. Water just enough to make it moist. Water your Hoyas less in the winter, allowing their soil to dry in between watering.

Leave the long, leafless stems on the plants, Don't Cut Them Off.

These beautiful Hoyas send out long shoots of stems without any leaves on them they will look like they’re nothing and you'll be tempted to cut these off. The green leaves and colorful blooms eventually fill the stems and you’re thankful you didn’t give in to temptation and cut them.

Trimming them may slow the growth of the plant, but it can also make them fuller in the long run, just be careful what you cut.

Hoya plants

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