i need a growth booster for my Palm seedlings

by hamoudi hamids
(casablanca Morocco)

The Majestic King Palm Tree

The Majestic King Palm Tree

Hello ,

i am moroccan farmer, trying to develop a Palm nursery here in Morocco.

i heard that there is some effective trees growth Hormone to give a Boost to trees and let them grow faster.

please advise me to find the best product to Boost the growth for my Palm trees,

i want them to reach 2 meters in 2 years.

thanks for your help
Best regards

Hamoudi Hamids

Dear Hamoudi,

Some of the products that really made a difference in my palms are the EnviroWise 357 Palm Tree Fertilizer, EnviroWise 337 Palm Tree Fertilizer with Foliar Sprayer, Miracle-Gro 1008991 Shake'n Feed Palm Food and the TreeHelp Palm Tree Manganese Spikes.

All of these will significantly help and secure the health of your palm trees.

Go to this page and scroll to the very bottom where you can purchase these products. http://www.tropical-plants-flowers-and-decor.com/types-of-palm-trees.html

Thank you so much for visiting Tropical Plants Flowers and D├ęcor


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