Indoor Bamboo Plants

Indoor Bamboo Plants

Growing indoor bamboo plants are what they call a no brainer... There are great benefits to the indoor bamboo especially the care of lucky bamboo plant care for bamboo plants.

I bought mine at a swap meet 6 years ago and its as healthy as ever. I put it in a pretty clear glass jar filled the bottom with glass rocks then added water, that's it... can't get much easier!

Bamboo plants especially the lucky bamboo is known for its luck and is a big part of the Asian culture and now very popular around the world.

The Lucky Bamboo is called that because of an ancient belief that getting one is supposed to bring you luck.

Bamboo is a symbol of luck and success, strength and good fortune.

One reason growing bamboo indoors or Lucky Bamboo are so popular is because they are so easy to care for and very low maintenance.

The hardiness of the Lucky Bamboo is well adjusted and can be put just about any where that there is little or no direct or natural light this is why you will see them often in an office growing healthy and green.

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Indoor Bamboo Plants

Bamboo For Sale, Indoor Bamboo Plants For Sale

Below you will find a great selection of bamboo plants for your home to help bring you good luck as well as bringing a bit of the outdoors inside your home or office. Just click on your favorite plant to purchase.

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The Care Of Lucky Bamboo Plant!

Growing Bamboo Indoors & How To Care For Indoor Bamboo Plant LIGHT: The lucky bamboo is fine with just a small amount of idirect light and can survive for many, many years and be perfectly content.

In its natural habitat it grows in dense shade under the thick rainforest canopy so its fine with the same conditions in your home. Lucky Bamboo will not tolerate direct light it can burn and discolor the leaves.

Bamboo Plants grow very well in plain ol'e water.

Fill a pitcher with water and let it sit ouver night to evaporate any chemicals like chlorine and floride that all plant dont like.

Make sure the water level in your Lucky Bamboo container doesnt evaporate completel. Always add more wate using the method above when water levels get too low.

If you are growing a Lucky Bamboo in soil keep it moist at all times, not soaking wet. Never allow it to dry out completely.

In order for proper care of lucky bamboo plant, you may need some kind of plant food. I've even put a couple pellets of time released plant food in the water of mine and that works just fine slowly giving these exotic plants the nutrients it needs a little at a time. Even aquarium plant food will work.

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Indoor Bamboo Plants

Indoor Bamboo Plants

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