Tropical Indoor House Plant Care
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 Indoor House Plant Care

I will talk about the importance of indoor house plant care, and the simple things to do for Tropical house plant care and caring for house plants and the different indoor house plants varieties also identifying house plants for proper care.

Also, how and when repotting house plants are necessary and growing house plants and keeping them healthy for years to come weather it's a common house plants or tropical rainforest plants that are grown as house plants.

Caring for tropical house plants not only add that exotic rainforest feeling to your Tropical decor but also helps improve the environment inside your house.

So having some knowledge of indoor house plant care will insure along life for your new Tropical plant which are truly easy house plants to care for.

Tropical exotic house plants can add color and oxygen to your home. Caring for house plants has big rewards believe by us caring for them they give back to us by adding oxygen to the air in your home.

But most important with houseplant care, these plants we love, love us back by removing toxins to make the air cleaner and healthier for us in our homes.

Before you head out to buy new plants for your home or office, watch the areas where are thinking of placing your indoor plants for several days to see sunlight patterns.

Most tropical plants will want slightly diffused light as opposed to direct sunlight because of its natural habitat in the rainforest where the smaller plants only get filtered light, these low light house plants are accustomed to little light because of the large canopy of trees.

Don't forget to watch for when you may need repotting house plants, you can usually tell by roots coming out of the pot or the plant may simply start to die.

Over growth of the root system for indoor house plants can cause them to die. Thats why it's so important not to neglect your indoor house plant care responsibilities.

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Choosing The Right Plant For Your
Home Or Office for easy Care House Plants

 Indoor House Plant Care

Now you have decided you want to do some decorating with a new house plant or two, before you buy your new plants from your local nursery, or an online plant nursery find out the care and what you will have to take on to keep it growing.

Most tropical and common house plants will want slightly diffused light as opposed to direct sunlight this is referred as low light house plants. This is very important to know for good indoor house plant care.

Then figure out if you have bright light, medium light, or low light in the areas you want to place your new tropical flowers or plant.

It's good to test the light of the spot for your plant by holding your hand out a foot above where you want your plant to be. If you create a strong shadow you have bright light. If you get a softer or faint shadow you have medium light. Anything below this level is considered low light.

Sounds kind of crazy but this test is rather accurate and it will help to know how do plants grow best and what to do for them.

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Tropical Plant Care For House Plants Can Be Easy and Fun!

 Indoor House Plant Care

Knowledge is important before you go out to your local nursery or even purchase them from an online nursery, research a little to see what you really want.

Depending on what kind of light you have and how much time you are willing to spend with your plants there is great and beautiful variety of tropical plants to choose from.

Never feel embarrassed about asking questions. The nursery you are purchasing from usually has people working that can answer most of your questions. Ask about watering habits, whether or not this plant can take direct sunlight, or any other questions you may have.

When at the nursery it would be a good idea to get everything you'll need to care for your plants all at once. You'll need clay or ceramic pots, fertilizer, possibly a watering can, but not necessary and some trays to place under your plants to catch excess water runoff.

Watering and Fertilizer

 Indoor House Plant Care

Indoor House Plant Care.... some times is much easier than most would think. Sometimes plants love neglect

Believe it or not plants can die from over watering and over fertilizing more than anything else. Don't water on a schedule, water by touching the soil or the look of the plant. Weather and plant's growth will both affect how much water it will need.

The number one method for knowing when your plant needs watering is to stick your finger in about an one half inch. If it feels moist.... don't water. Caring for house plants sometimes takes patients.

The water you use to water them is very important. If you don't have a water filter, Fill a pitcher with water and let it sit for at least 24 hours if you can 48 is even best, this allows all the chemicals to evaporate out of the water. This is VERY important for proper indoor house plant care.

When you water make sure you soak your plant and soil. If you just water the top few inches it will develop very shallow roots.

The best fertilizer has one drawback, it's very odiferous, to put it bluntly they stink! to me they smell like vitamin B.

All plants, indoor and out love fish emulsion. It's also almost impossible to overfeed your plants with this. If you can't stand the odor, you can use Miracle-Gro time release pellets or a comparable chemical fertilizer. Fertilizing once a month will be just fine.

If you are serious about caring for house plants follow these 4 important steps......

1. only 1/2 the recommended does that the packaging of the fertilizer recommends.

2. Never give a dry plant fertilizer , it can burn the plant and the roots.

3. Don't fertilize in the winter when the plants are dormant

4. When you first bring a plant home form the nursery don’t feed the plant when you get it home, the nurseries usually give the plant a strong long lasting fertilizer.

Repotting Plants

 Indoor House Plant Care

Tips for indoor house plant care if you are ready for repotting house plants...

You know when its time to repot when your houseplant is growing green and full on top, but the bottom leaves are turning yellow and dropping off, also roots are growing through the drainage holes.

It's definitely time to transplant into a larger pot. Growing house plants takes a bit of work now and then.

The new pot should be at least 2" larger in diameter and depth than the pot you’re taking it out of to ensure growth of with the transplant.

When you’re repotting house plants, be sure to break up the roots from their shape that is usually tightly bound. Don't be afraid you won't hurt it but pull and break up the root structure a bit.

This will help to speed growth and branching out of the roots once planted.

Here are some important steps for repotting tropical house plants...

1. For great Indoor House Plant Care you need to cover the drainage hole of the new pot with a piece of metal screening or plastic screen that fits the bottom of the pot, this will prevent the soil from washing out the drainage holes and also prevent potential messes.

2. Place an inch or so of broken bricks or rocks at the bottom of the pot to help with proper drainage which is so important, this will help to prevent mold.

3. Begin filling in around the sides of the root ball gently packing it down as you go. Add more soil with your hands and press down so that it is firmly packed.

4. Immediately water your freshly planted plant so that the soil will settle the roots in place, then add more soil if you need to, to make sure all the roots are covered with soil.

Hopefully my advice will help you take care of those oxygen rich plants in your home and to choose the best house plants for you.

All of you hard work for indoor house plant care will pay off when your plants are healthy blooming and purifying the air in your beautiful tropical home!

 Indoor House Plant Care

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