Tropical Ixora Coccinea and Its Related Species

ixora coccinea

The Rarely seen Ixora Coccinea, Clara, & Elisae are possibly on its way to disappearing in nature growing wild, and this is why some may consider them to be a rare flower.

Most people who may see them dont know their names or confuse them with other plants.

Some of these Ixora's more common species are known as jungle geranium or jungle flame and for those who do know about them consider them popular rainforest flowers.

Flowers of Ixora of the Rubiaceae family considered to be a shrub in undergrowth from tropical rain forest and noted for the bright bouquets of color.

If you examine the Chinese Ixora flower ball it will reveal that it is actually a cluster of many small blossoms, quite beautiful.

On each tube are four petals that turn outward. In the middle is a caterpillar like stamen with anthers quite pretty.

The wild Chinese Ixora is getting very rare and it is now a protected species because of it lack of reproduction in its natural tropical habitat. From what I have learned no matter what color all species are considered to be Chinese ixora.

This plant grows wild only in the tropics where it blooms all year long.

Large, clusters of tiny, white, yellow, orange, rose, colored flowers are produced. The flowers last for sometime when picked and put into a vase.

This shrub will usually grow only 5 to 10 feet tall and is commonly used a hedge or ornamental garden plant.

The nectar from the flowers is particularly liked by the Ruby Topaz hummingbird.

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ixora coccinea

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How To Care For Your Ixora Plants

Ixora Coccinea and all other Ixora's are an acid-loving plant and needs a soil pH of around 5 for best growth for flowering production.

A pH of 5 is a fairly acid soil that will need to be achieved as closely as possible.

Always Plan Before You Plant, keep Ixora and some other types of tropical flowers away from concrete foundations or walkways which will make soil more alkaline.

Also, if possible, screen out any concrete bits and pieces that could change soil conditions to a higher pH.

Mix in thoroughly about one third organic matter such as compost or peat moss, or Elemental sulfur, when used according to label directions, can also help lower the pH. This method can be used for any plants that need a lower pH.

These rare flowers are very hard to find to purchase.

ixora coccinea

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