Tropical Jasmine Plants, Jasmine Bush, Jasmine Tree, and Jasmine Vines

Jasmine Plants

The Jasmine plants come in many different species like the night blooming jasmine one of my favorites, dwarf jasmine, and confederate jasmine.

Other names it is also known as is the star jasmine plant, Asian jasmine and many other jasmine flowers in white, pink, yellow and recognized for its famous exotic jasmine scent known everywhere.

These flowers are also popular to be used in jasmine rice recipes, jasmine oil, jasmine extract for making tea and believe it or not jasmine handmade soap which is very popular in some countries.

Jasmine flowers are my favorite if you are looking for a plant that will bring an incredible aroma to your garden.

The common jasmine isn't so common with many different species that many may not know by the name but know one once they see the blooms.

These include jasmine Officinale, Sambac jasmine, Chilean jasmine, Asiatic jasmine, primrose jasmine, Asian jasmine, and the winter jasmine which most can be found here for you to purchase and grow in your own gardens.

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Jasmine Plants

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My favorites are the Jasmine bonsai plants because I love having that smell in my home and they're so easy to grow!

Beautiful Jasmine Flowers

Jasmine Creme and Lotions

Soften your body with the sweet smelling jasmine flowers made into lotions and creams.

Jasmine Soap & Jasmine Handmade Soap

Wash your hands and body in these luxurious soaps that leave you smelling like a fresh tropical jasmine garden!

Jasmine Scented Candles

Create a Tropically smelling oasis in your own home with these incredibly sweet smelling flower candles.

Jasmine Plants

How Do Plants Grow, Growing Jasmine

Over the years while gardening flowers plants trees, I have grown many jasmine plants and have never had any problems. Although they do grow much better in warmer climates and love humidity!

When watering your jasmine flowers no matter what species, they love water but not to the point where they are constantly soaking in it, so make sure it’s well draining soil.

I have found they do best when they are allowed to dry out before the next watering.

They are very hardy flowering vines, trees, shrubs and ground cover and are grown all 4 ways with ease.

It can be cultivated almost anywhere and it can receive full sun, or partial shade. It prefers warm daytime temperatures, and can tolerate fairly cool evenings.

When fertilizing I have found that the shake and feed by miracle-gro works best an its so simple to use.

These evergreen plants will last year after year producing sweet smelling flowers to bring the scents of a tropical getaway right to your home!

Remember these are great indoor house plants varieties that do well growing in a pot in your home !

Jasmine Plants

This flower got its name originally from the Persian word "yasmin" which means fragrant flower, perfectly suiting this aromatic flower.

The jasmine flowers were originally found growing in exotic places like the Philippines, Indonesia, Egypt, Persia and India but are now found growing in tropical climate zones from 8 to 12 all around the would.

The most tropical is the Maid of Orleans which has round, white single blooms, these particular jasmines are used to create some of the beautiful leis that you would see in Hawaii.

No matter what species you choose to grow in your garden you can't lose, they are all beautiful and will add and exotic tropical scent to your home.

Jasmine Plants

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