Tropical Jatropha Podagrica

Jatropha Podagrica

The Jatropha Podagrica and the Jatropha Multifida is just a couple of the several flower plants trees related to this species of plants.

When using a plant identifier you will find that the Jatropha Multifida also goes by the names known as the coral plant, Coral bush, Physic Nut, and Coral Plant But the Jatropha Podagrica is also known as Euphorbiaceous Gout Plant, Guatemala Rhubarb, Buddha Belly Plant and Gout Stick plant.

Both of these tropical plants are quite amazing as far as its uniqueness beautiful blooms and the uses that are beneficial to our day to day lives.

The J. Podagrica produces a nut like seed pods that burst like beautiful fireworks, the it will project its seeds from the pods up to several feet away, this is ho the plant guarantees it survival but if you are lucky enough to actually see and experience this happen it's pretty cool!.

This very cool plant will produce flowers just about all year round, a little bit more in the warmer months of the year than the cooler months. This plant is grown for its ornamental value not just for its flowers but for its swollen belly.

This extraordinary tropical shrub can be grown by just about any one, it’s so easy to grow you’ll love it.

It is native to the tropical Americas and will grow as evergreen shrubs in warmer non frost climates like its native habitats.

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Plant Growth Process For The Jatropha Podagrica

This easy care shrub grows quite easily either in the ground or in a pot.

When watering it only requires a little bit at a time, so try to keep consistent moisture but be sure to never over water or soak the soil around it. This will be a sure way to kill your flowering evergreen by causing root rot.

When it comes to the compost make sure to use a potting soil that is a well draining soil that has a bit of sand mixed into it and that retains moisture, but not soggy.

These plants love full sun the more the better but will do well in partial shade, but I recommend to give it what it loves in order to allow it to do it's thing and produce luscious leaves and brightly colored burst of flowers to brighten your garden year round.

Jatropha Podagrica

Plant Growth Process For The Jatropha Multifida

The J. Multifida is an evergreen or semi deciduous shrub that is quite easy to grow it is an evergreen that is grown best in Zones 9b through 11.

This quite distinctive plant has leaves that are dark green and can be up to 11 inches big.

As you can see from the pictures of its flowers above the orange flowers are showy and will bloom all year round with beautiful colors of deep red to apricot flowers.

These tropical plants are evergreen shrubs except when grown where there are colder winters with frost, remember these are tropical evergreens and need similar environments to grow as one.

This is full sun loving plant that can tolerate neglect and very little to moderate water.

This plant also loves a good soil with a sand mixture added make sure to fertilize twice a year with a water soluble liquid fertilizer

Pruning will be needed for these plants to control its growth weather you want to keep it as a low growing shrub or grow into a small tropical tree.

The seeds which are harvested from this plant are used to make biodiesel.

Jatropha Podagrica

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