Jewelweed or Jewel Weed

Jewel Weed

Don't let this delicate flower Jewel Weed fool you, Not only is it a cure for poison Ivy and other skin problems its a beautiful flower that attracts bumblebees and hummingbirds.

These flowers are great for growing in any tropical garden.

This pretty little flower is known by many names including Poor Mans Orchids, Touch Me Nots, or Touch Me Not, Impatiens Balsamina, Impatiens Pallida, Impatiens Capensis and Snap weed are just to name a few.

It gets the nick name touch me nots or touch me not for a reason which is quite amazing named because of the sudden bursting of the mature seed capsules, literally shooting its seeds away from the plant assuring it will reproduce.

Also when touched and the leaves curl up and close as if saying Don't Touch Me, its quite amazing Click Here to see an actual video of this plat in motion on U-tube.

You can find these flowers growing wild in tropical and north temperate regions. Even more so especially in the mountains of India and Sri Lanka where it grows quite abundantly.

The Jewelweed species are commonly cultivated as ornamentals growing in such places like Japan and select places in Europe.

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Jewelweed is a Natural Poison Ivy Treatment that can be up to 95% Effective for Stopping the itch and pain an with this anti-fungal properties you can expect immediate itch relief and believe it or not you will see and feel visible healing within 24 hours. Jewelweed is the perfect natural remedy for skin disorders, poison ivy and poison oak, acne, bug bites, ringworm, warts, burns, cuts, corns, and yes, hemorrhoids.

Jewel Weed

Impatiens Capensis

Jewel Weed

You Can See Why They Call Them Poor Mans Orchids

Jewel Weed

The Unforgetable Touch Me Nots

Jewel Weed

These soft semi succulent flowers love to be planted where there is lots of moist soil weather naturally or helped along by constant watering.

It can and does, grow ok in 100% shade but they truly grow much better in full sun as well but don’t forget to keep the soil constantly moist.

These annual plans are very easy to grow and can tolerate lots of neglect as long as it has moist soil.

Adding miracle-gro time released fertilizer every two to three months is great for giving the touch me nots a boost causing them to produce more flowers and green leaves making these tiny flowers more abundant. They will usually grow in dense clusters growing very closes to the stems, so if you wish you can cut back some of the leaves to help reveal these sweet little flowers.

The Snap weed is great for growing them in hanging baskets or in a container gardens on patio, or a deck, and can also be grown in the home.

If you are growing them by seed make sure to plant them in middle of April to no later that early part of May.

They need strong sunlight the first couple of days to germinate so cover them lightly with a rich potting soil mixed with an enriched sandy soil. Don’t dig holes and put the seed into them, you'll never get them to grow that way.

Once they are establish sit back and enjoy the view of the delicate Jewel Weed which love to keep producing blooms from late spring, early summer all the way though to early fall.

The seed are difficult to gather and even difficult to find to purchase.

Jewel Weed

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