The Tropical Rainforest Kalanchoe Plant

Kalanchoe Plant

The tropical Kalanchoe Plant is also known as K. blossfeldiana which this species can produce thousands of tiny baby plants along the leaf margins that can be individually potted to help this tropical plant multiply.

These are a perennial and evergreen that you can count on year after year to produce the most brightly colored flowers.

There is a species that also produces beautiful red, orange, white, yellow and bright pink flowers that are quite colorful and beautiful when in bloom perfect for any tropical garden or they can be grown in container gardens and even as a tropical house plant.

This is one of the plants of the rainforest that are a popular succulent plants that are great tropical houseplants and are seen being sold in most grocery stores and florist because of the fact that they are such a hardy tropical plant that is very easy to grow.

They require very little water and look as if you have watered them every day, lush and green and full of many flower blooms this is one of the benefits of growing a tropical suculent.

Blossfeldiana, brasiliensis and naturally Pinnata are all very similar as far as the leaf structure to each other all in the kalanchoe family but yet still look so different.

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Kalanchoe Plant

Kalanchoe Flowers and Plants

Below you will find many of the different species of this unique Tropical Plant, just click on your favorite plant to purchase them.

Charming Kalanchoe - $35.95

With its tiny yellow flowers and pretty, frilly leaves, a blooming kalanchoe plant in a pot makes a lovely and thoughtful gift. Or buy several for yourself, and place them on a windowsill - for a truly cheerful presentation!
1 6' kalanchoe, ceramic bowl

Tropical Rainforest Plant

Kalanchoe Plant

Below is a close up of the leaf of the mother of thousands and the kalanchoe flower

Kalanchoe Plant

The kalanchoe pinnata is a very difficult plat to obtain but if you are luck enough this succulent perennial plant will grow anywhere from 3 to 5 feet tall and is fairly easy to grow indoors or out.

Kalanchoe Plant

The Pinnata is a one of a kind in the Kalanchoe species which grows abundantly in South America. There are 200 other species that are related to the Kalanchoe that look completely different from one another.

They are found growing wild in Brazil, Africa, Madagascar, the Caribbean, Peru and China and are widely grown in Zimbabwe and Zambia.

Kalanchoe Plant

Remember that these are very much like a cactus, they don’t like to be over watered s don’t be afraid to let the soil dry out between watering, you plant will actually be happier for it!

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