King Palms,
King Of All Palm Trees

 King Palms

Tropical King Palms are one of the most beautiful palms that grow very abundantly here in California and Florida near the coast and naturally on tropical islands around the world.

These palm trees species originally came from Queensland and Australia but are now seen everywhere you go and what a beautiful site they are.

These start off as small palm trees but over time grow into majestic tropical palm trees that become the focal point of any garden they adorn.

This palm tree types rarely seen in North America growing only in two places besides tropical Australia, Southern Florida and in Southern California from Santa Barbara to San Diego because these areas provide more of a tropical environment which this tree loves.

I would say growing up here in Southern California the Queen Palm trees, the California fan palm, and the King Palm tree were the most abundant here in the area where I live..

They are very elegant and graceful having a smooth trunk and feather type branches that are self cleaning which is great if you hate pruning palm trees.

On the Archontophoenix cunninghamiana its scientific name, the upper crown shaft is smooth and green in color.

When the King is mature it produces seed pods that opens and displays multiple strings of popcorn they’re actually flowers that bees love to pollinate.

With bright green colored fronds this palm tree adds a exotic feel of the tropics around your garden year round.

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King Palms

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King Palms

 King Palms

 King Palms

Growing Instructions and Care

Growing Up to 50 feet tall, with a 15 foot spread this beautiful palm tree prefers a tropical to sub tropical environment and is very sensitive to cold weather.

This palm is best planted from containers, if grown in crops which they grow n the ground they can be very fickle when dug up and transplanted and needs lots of maintenance to survive the transplant shock.

Like most palm trees King Palms like a sandy soil, medium to good drainage.

They do best along the temperate coastal areas and inland to where daytime temperatures seldom get above 95 degrees during the hot months.

The fronds suffer heat damage easily so plant these palms where they will receive a breeze, which in coastal areas that’s pretty easy to do. These palms really grow better with these conditions, much like their natural habitats.

In warmer areas plant on north side or area that gets the cooler morning sun.

Use a palm fertilizer that incorporates a complete trace element package, as they are heavy feeders it really does make a difference.

Just like any other palm trees you need to remove any dead or damage fronds at planting and handle with care when installing.

King Palms

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