Kiwi Fruit Facts, a Tasty Tropical Fruit

Kiwi Fruit Facts

Learn all the Kiwi Fruit Facts so that you can learn all about how easy Growing Kiwi can be if taught properly, also learn about kiwi vines, kiwi trees, kiwi nutrition and everything you could possibly want and need to know about the fabulous tropical kiwi fruit!

Did you know that kiwi plants scientific name is Actinidia Deliciosa? But most of us only know them as Kiwi fruit.

Kiwi Fruit Facts... It was first discovered in Southern China but wasn't exported until 1952 to England, and then in the early 20th century it was finally introduced to the western world.

The very first successfully grown crop in California wasn't until 1970, so this fruit had to wait quite some time before its trip to the United States.

Ok, you decided you want to grow Kiwi fruits... Growing kiwi is one of my favorites to grow and its first on my fruit list of Tropical Fruit Trees, because of the taste and the healthy calories in kiwi not to mention kiwi fruit nutrition, its great for your hair and skin, helps aid children suffering from asthma, and also helps in decreasing the chances of colon cancer by providing a good amount of dietary fiber.

Kiwi Fruit Fact.. the kiwi has a fine hairy brown skin, with the center being a green fleshy color, with white pulp in the center, that is surrounded by black, edible seeds.

This is a sweet fresh tasting fruit that has a similar texture of strawberry, pineapple and banana all combined.

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Kiwi Fruit Facts

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Kiwi Fruit Facts

Growing Kiwi, Trees and Vines

How to grow kiwi and Kiwi Fruit Facts... If you are going to purchase an established tree from a nursery you will need a male and female plant so that they can mate or pollinate in order to produce fruit.

So yes, you need to buy two of them and like I said earlier then just let nature do its course. It’s best to plat them after the last frost.

To help guarantee thy will survive try planting them in a five gallon container for the first season.

These tropical fruit trees of Kiwi fruits will for the most part grow rapidly, but only if you prepare the soil properly for its desired conditions.

When planting use a good nutrient rich fertilizer mixed in with the existing soil before placing in the plant then around it.

Dig the hole twice a big as the existing root ball, make sure to gently pull the roots apart so they have been loosened up from the container it grew in.

Give it lots of water at first and use something like miracle-gro quick start. This helps to stimulate the roots to help them become established.

Kiwis like to be fertilized so make sue that in the beginning of spring use a balanced fertilizer high in nitrogen, such as fish meal or any pre mixed fertilizer purchased form any nursery.

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Growing hardy kiwi, how to grow kiwi fruit, nutritional value of kiwi and much more all right here !

Kiwi Fruit Facts

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