The Exotic and Mysterious Kniphofia Uvaria

Kniphofia Uvaria

Learn everything you want to know about the Kniphofia Uvaria plants and its remarkable flowers that will like burst of flames throughout your garden with bright reds, orange, and yellow flowers.

Find out how easy it is to grow the incredibly tropical and mysterious Poker plant to create an exotic look and feel to your tropical Garden paradise!

These flowers inflorescence are incredible looking, truly as if they are torches of burning red, orange and yellow flames glowing in the night even during the day, they're quite incredible and this is how they got the nick name Red Hot Poker Plant or Torch Lily.

The Poker plant is originally from South Africa, and its beauty has been discovered and dispersed around the world in several places in Europe and naturally found its way to North America being grown in many a tropical gardens.

If you grow them in your garden you will be the envy of your friends and neighbors because of this rare and exotic looking flower.

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Kniphofia Uvaria

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Kniphofia Uvaria

How do plants grow and become so interesting like these.... All I know is that are so many diverse and exotic plants and flowers every where and we should learn to stop and enjoy them, learn about them, and grow them in our gardens

Kniphofia Uvaria

How to grow plants...The Kniphofia Uvaria

The poker plant should be grown with many others and not alone, to get the full affect of them they do look more beautiful and have quite a sense of presence when grown in clumps.

They will grow a dense long green grass like foliage at the base of the plants while the long stems of these red hot pokers bursting 3 to 5 feet tall out literally lighting up your garden. The flowers start blossoming at the bottom gradually working its way up to the top.

If you are trying to grow plants and flowers that specifically attract hummingbirds, well this will be a great addition for your hummingbird garden.

Requirements are little for producing and growing these bright orange flowers but lets start with the basics.

The best time for planting your Tritoma or Kniphofia Uvaria is weather it's an established plant or from seeds at the beginning of spring which is the beginning of March is best for planting.

Make sure not to plant them too close probably about 1 foot apart in a well draining soil, and plant it at the same level as it came in the container. If planting seeds plant

Its best to sprinkle some fertilizer, I prefer the time released pellets, in the hole before placing your plant.

Full sun is best so make sure not to plant in an area that might get shade for part of the day.

Also remember to cut off the dead flowers at the base of the plant, this will encourage more blooms to produce.

When watering make sure to completely soak the soil letting it dry out before watering again.

Using a compost is always best but don't layer it too thick, never more than a couple of inches.

Kniphofia Uvaria

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