Tropical Licuala Grandis

Licuala Grandis

This ever so tropical Licuala Grandis is originally from Vanuatu, off the coast of Australia and the Solomon Islands.

It's Beautiful deep green undivided leaves measure up to 3 feet wide and are pleated yet all in one piece. Just like when you were a little kid do you remember making a fan out of a piece of paper? Well, that's what this palm reminds me of.

The Licuala grandis is an attractive tropical understory palm that has become popular as both a house plant and landscape ornamental tree in warmer areas.

It is an understory palm which means it sits under the rain forests vast canopy of large dense trees which means it is protected from wind and direct sunlight.

These are definitely low light house plants as well as needing shade if being grown outside.

This palm tree will make a great addition to any home office or landscape. It is so beautiful and it will give a sense of the tropics to any garden.

Palm trees are also great for indoors because they act as a natural humidifier and detoxifier by removing Carbon Monoxide and replacing the air with fresh Oxygen.

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Licuala Grandis

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Licuala Grandis

Licuala Grandis

Licuala Grandis

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This Incredible Palm tree grows to a maximum height of 10 feet with usual heights around 6 feet which makes is good as a dramatic palm for your home.

The Ruffled Fan Palm is a slow growing palm and takes years to develop a solid trunk for its beautiful ruffled leaves.

As the Ruffled Fan Palm matures its seeds appear as small bright-red marbles. These bright-red seeds give the Ruffled Fan Palm an amazing look and will be your focal point in any garden or inside your home it truly is beautiful.

It would be a good idea to remember that they should NOT be grown in direct sun, or where winds are strong. The Licuala grandis, or Vanuatu Fan Palm's fronds will shred badly if exposed to extended periods of heavy winds.

Remember, it's a understory rainforest tree and needs protection!

Their roots are shallow, and spreading, so they love to explore and insinuate themselves into rich mulch, which is, by the way, very moist, it is prone to scale and spider mites so always inspect any new plant for pests before introducing it to your home or garden.

It is best to propagate seeds in a mixture of moist peat and perlite. Make sure to cover the seeds that are planted with a plastic wrap and either tape it closed or use a large rubber band to keep moisture from escaping. You can put it in a place where it will get direct sunlight.

Repot your Licuala Grandis or Ruffled Fan Palm Trees in regular soil mixture after it has become established. If you are growing it as a house plant remember it needs bright filtered light and lots of humidity.

Clean the leaves occasionally with a damp cloth. Do not let this plant sit in water it loves moisture but not too much.

Licuala Grandis

Licuala Grandis

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