The Exotic Lotus Plant

Lotus Plant

The Lotus Plant is quite an amazingly beautiful and exotic tropical water garden plants that you can grow in your own backyard, I have lotus for sale online for you to purchase and experience growing, also learn about growing lotus.

As you will see from the lotus flower pictures below, these flowers are so intricate and detailed pink yellow and white flowers.

After the flower has died what remains is the pod or what some call the lotus fruit which is used for dried flower arrangements and quite interesting looking.

The lotus is native to Australia, Malaysia, Iran, New Guinea India, China, Japan, and even Vietnam.

Lotus flowers have been used throughout history for over 5,000 years in countries like South Asia and have been used in famous Hindu are work and in Buddhist artwork as well.

Nelumbo, is know as the botanical genus of aquatic plants that have showy flowers, the source of lotus seeds have been known to be used in the practice of ancient Chinese medicine and even tasty desserts.

The Nymphaea lotus, whish is known as the white lotus or more commonly known as the sacred lotus is most popular and respected in many cultures.

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Lotus Plant

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Lotus Plant

Below you will see lotus flower pictures and see how beautiful they really are!

Lotus Plant

Lotus Plant

Growing lotus flowers

If you are going to grow them from seeds you need to start off by placing the seeds into a glass of warm water that is free of chemicals.

Watch it closely and if any seeds rise to the top that means they are not fertile, so just throw them out.

You will need to replace the water o a daily basis until the seeds begin to sprout.

Once the seeds begin to sprout of your Lotus Plant you will need to plant them in small 3 to 4 inch pots with Loamy soil which is ideal for most garden plants because it allows moisture to linger yet is well draining and at the same time it will provide sufficient air to reach the roots.

But remember to only put one sprouting seed in each pot then Cover the root gently with soil or small gravel. Don't Pack the Soil.

Then add warm water about 2 inches keeping it moist. However, when your lotus plant really starts to grow and its leaves shoot up above the water line, you can increase water depth by two to three inches but do it gradually.

You can keep it in direct light, this is best for your plant.

When preparing to place them in a pond make sure the water is at least 60 degrees the warmer the better they are used to growing on a river edge or surrounding a pond so sunlight is ingrained in its genetic inheritance.

You can grow them in water pots so place your lotus flower in large pots or containers that don't have drainage holes in them.

If you are growing them from seed don't expect them to bloom this first season but every year there after, watch out you wont have any problems.

Just remember these plants are very tender sensitive especially the tips and if they get damaged or bruised when handling them this could cause permanent damage.

Fertilize them very little the first year of growth because too much can cause the plant to burn. Once established I recommend once a month with feeding tablets.

A Lotus plant that is established can be fed every 3 or 4 weeks during the growing season.

These plants can tolerate freezing but only if the pond doesn't freeze to solid ice, if just the top of the water freezes and the water below remains fluid they should be fine.

When the frost has gone make sure to prune off all dead leaves and allow your plant to rejuvenate.

Lotus Plant

Lotus Plant

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