Tropical Majesty Palm

majesty palm

Here you will learn about the beautiful versatile Majesty palm as well as purchase them to grow in you own garden.

These Tropical Palm Trees are one of the most popular palm trees because they are so easy to grow and is most seen growing as California Palm trees and well known as Hawaiian and Florida palm trees as well.

You can see these beautiful palms growing everywhere and for good reason, its because they are one of the most beautiful tropical palms that grow with little care once they are established.

One of the main reasons for me creating this web site is because my goal is to help you learn more about caring for your Palm trees, transplanting palm trees, buy and grow tropical trees, house plants and flowers that help beautify your home.

There are so many different types of palm trees so let’s start with my favorites.

It’s easy to find the beauty in the majesty palm as you will see in these palm tree photos, and you’ll understand why I love them so much.

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majesty  palm

majesty  palm

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majesty  palm

Growing Palm Trees


The majesty palm is a tropical plant and genus of 17 different species. Its botanic names are Ravenea glauca and R. rivularis. Which most won’t recognize it by those names?

They are extensively grown in many subtropical areas and are usually propagated by seed. This can take up to three months to complete the propagaton process. Once the majesty palm is established, it becomes a quick grower and is a very low maintenance palm tree.

There are several types, however many of them that grow naturally in their habitat and not cultivated are endangered and some are very near to extinction due to habitat loss.

The R. Luvelii species has dwindled drastically to only 25 known specimens in existence. Only 2 specimens of the R. moorei species are currently known this is quite sad to see such beautiful trees that we desperately need to help purify the smog, toxins, machinery, autos, and factories put into our air.

Majesty palms are native to Madagascar and the Comoros islands, an island Nation in the Indian Ocean. They grow in the Tropical rain forests of their native habitat along the edges of rivers and swamps.

They are often seen and grown as house plants around the world but can generally only thrive in tropical areas similar to their original environment.

How Tall will they get?

The different species of Majesty Palms vary in size. They can grow anywhere from 15 to 80 feet tall. The leaves can grow around 6 to 10 feet long. The trees typically reach 10 feet rapidly and then growth slows until they reach their full height. This all depends on the species and its location.

majesty palm

Palm Tree Pruning and growing palm trees

As the tree grows upward, new fronds will appear at the top of the plant shooting straight up, while the lower fronds will turn brown and dry up this is a healthy normal process.

Cut off the dying fronds to prevent the plant from using energy on them, and allow the palm to send all of its energy and resources to the new growth.

When the lower fronds dry up, prune the stalks to within 3 inches of the trunk for healthier growth don’t cut any closer than that.


Majesty's love water, so keep them watered, soaking them is fine

with these palms. They normally grow on river banks in the wild.

About once a week water your palm, unless it is extremely hot it may need two times a week. But never let them get bone dry, really soak it good when you do water.

Most of these evergreens die from over watering so make sure soil is drying out before watering again.

A good water soluble fertilizer works well. Feed about once a month, These palms are shade grown as houseplants but Grown out side where they thrive much better in full sun, they are meant to be outdoor palms.

majesty palm

This is what a Majestic Palm looks when bought from your local nursery

This is one of the hardest indoor palm trees to grow as they like lots of humidity and fertilizer and a moist soil.

I have know idea why they sell these as palm tree house plants except to possibly make money and to expect you to buy another 3 to 4 months down the road .

If growing indoors palm trees do not exposed it too full sun or it will burn the leaves. It also grows fast and easily if you keep the soil.

They generally won’t last more than a couple years indoors but yet are still very beautiful while you have them around.

majesty palm

majesty palm

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