Tropical Mango Fruit Facts &
Growing Mango Trees

Mango Fruit Facts

You'll be surprised how easy it is to Learn all about Mango fruit facts including, growing mango and how easy it is planting mango tree in your tropical fruit gardens, and most important growing healthy fruit for your family.

The Mango tree is on the Fruit list of common well known fruits as far as exotic tropical fruits go.

Mango trees are extremely easy to grow and manage, thank goodness because they taste so good and the mango nutrition we receive by eating the mango fruit is outstanding!

Yummy Mangoes are a strictly tropical fruit. They love the tropics, the warmth, humidity and similar climates but can be grow in sub-tropical conditions.

If you live with freezing Cold winters you probably won't be able to grow a mango tree it can’t tolerate the cold, the mango plant is very sensitive to cold weather.

You can also learn how to eat a mango properly which means learning how to cut a mango, how to peel a mango, how to slice a mango and all the mango information and benefits of mango you'll need to know.

These great trees are Native to Malaysia, India and Burma. Yet they are known, eaten and enjoyed all around the world.

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Mango Fruit Facts

Red Mango

Mango Fruit Facts

Green Mangos

mango fruit facts

Yellow Mango

mango fruit facts

Growing Mango and Planting Mango trees and more Mango Fruit Facts

If you want to grow them from mango seed, grab a mango fruit and clean off the pulp, and allow the seed to dry for a couple of days.

Using two toothpicks pushed barely through each side so that to help it suspend when growing.

You will then suspended the seed in a glass with water, covering only the bottom 1/2 of the seed. . Keep the water level the same, so you will need to add water because of evaporation. This is just like when you try to grow an avocado seed.

Once roots are growing and established you can plant it into your garden, but in order to make sure you get fruit be sure to plant several seeds together in hopes one will be male and the other female.

These trees can reach up to 100 feet so not only are they great for their tasty fruit but they’re great for adding shade to your garden!

Mango farming can be very difficult and a frantic frenzie once the fruits have ripened.

Growing mass amounts of these tropical trees are very hard to keep up with once the fruits are ripe for picking, you must move very quick at this point. When the last mango is harvested most farmers are relieved because it’s such a delicate task other wise lots of fruits will be lost.

But if you’re only growing one or two trees you wont have this problem, the only problem you might have is being able to eat ass the mango fruit it produces, so be willing to share or make food and drinks with them, here are some popular recipe suggestions that are very well loved with this fruit.

Mango chutney recipe are great, my favorites mango dessert recipes such as mango pie and mango cheesecake, YUMMY! Mango rum, mango relish, mango pies, Mango smoothies, shrimp and mango salad, mango salad dressing, mango salsa recipes and yes even mango margaritas

mango fruit facts

How to cut a mango, how to peel a mango, and how to slice a mango

I have provided a short video to help you with cutting your mango fruit, I hope this will help, know how to cut them will mak things much esier for you to get to most out of your fruit Click Here

mango fruit facts

Mango Fruit Facts

mango fruit facts

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