Tropical Miltonia Orchids

Tropical Miltonia Orchids

Miltonia Orchids are one of the most exquisite flamboyant orchids that you will ever see and I guarantee they will take your breath away once you experience one face to face and see the true beauty of these fragrant orchids.

Included in this species, the Miltonia Roezlii this is one of my favorites because of its colors and detail.

They're also known as Pansy Orchids because of the similarities that are obvious when you compare the two but in actuality it’s the Miltoniopsis that is the one that is considered to be the look alike to the pansy because of its flat faced features.

This species may not be best for growing orchids for beginners, but it definitely isn’t the hardest if you don’t know how to grow orchids, but learning what makes plants grow particularly this orchid flower can be easy with a little time and little T.L.C.

The Miltonia orchids species originates from the tropical regions of Brazil where many exotic flowers and plants come from. But they can also be found in Peru and Argentina.

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Tropical Miltonia Orchids

Miltonia Orchids For Sale

Below you will find the Miltonia one of the most elegant Orchids, Whenever more become available I will make them available to you.

Growing Orchids Indoors, How To Grow Orchids

These tropical Orchids grow throughout the year so they must be treated a little differently form others and need to be kept evenly moist, and unlike other orchids do not let it dry out between watering.

When caring for orchids these favor temperatures around 80 degrees during the day and no colder that 60 degrees in the evening.

Never place your orchids in direct sunlight having them in a bright diffused light is best in fact it’s necessary in order for your Miltonias to bloom.

Fertilize once a month with a high nitrogen fertilizer (25-9-9) is best for producing lots of blooms and lush green leafes.

Remember weather you are growing orchids indoors or in a green house, creating a humid atmosphere for your orchid. This can be easily obtained by placing a tray under your pot filled with small pebbles then filled with water, don’t let the water completely evaporate.

These orchids are large, colorful and long-lasting and fragrant orchids that are admired orchid growers both amateur and professional.

You can expect to see these beautiful orchids flower in the spring and they will last about 3 to 4 weeks. Although they also bloom in the fall but the color and size of the blooms may be a bit different in size and color from seasons.

Miltonia Orchids

Tropical Miltonia Orchids

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