Tropical Mimosa Trees

Mimosa Trees

Mimosa trees are tropical evergreen trees with magnificent burst of colors, there is the golden yellow mimosa and the incredible pink flower mimosa.

There are a few species that are distinguishable which I will show you the difference but no matter which one you grow you'll love these fast growing fragrant trees that when in bloom become the centerpiece of your garden!

The pom pom like flowers are fragrant and grow to be about 1½ inches. The fruits that it produces are flat and grow in pods which average 7 inches in length. This is a typical characteristic of legumes.

Mimosa is considered to be a deciduous evergreen that if pruned and trimmed can remains a small bush to small tree but if left to take off, which they love to do, can become as tall as 20 to 40 feet tall.

But beware these trees can become quite invasive and very messy. The seed pods litter both the tree and the ground and the seeds can easily germinate where they fall and before you know it you have sprouts covering the surrounding area of the tree.

So with that said you will have to work on the up keep around the tree but to me over all, they’re well worth it because of the silky beautiful flowers that bloom with the fern like leafs.

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Mimosa Trees

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Mimosa Trees

Mimosa Trees

Mimosa Trees

This is the Mimosa Pudica

Growing Mimosa Trees

Start off by picking a spot in your garden where your tree will have lots of sunlight approxamately 6 hours of sunshine a day.

You can grow your tree ina container if you wish they do just fine, and use any type of potting siol, these trees arent too picky.

make sure your soil is a well draining soil not a clay or one that is constanty muddy. When first planting make sure to use organic mulch around the tree to make sure it retains nutrients to get it setablished.

When watering you want to make sure your tree gets lots of water in th beginning until it is established after that i can tolerate short perios of drought without any damage to your tree but to ensure a full lush tree only let the soil dry out between waterings and not for extended periods of time.

Just like maintaing any tree to keep it full fo flowering blooms and healthy green foliage make sure to prune dead branches in the beginning of spring time. This helps to prevent any diseases that may be lerking on the dying branches. And if you see any branches that are affected by pest or disease make sure to prune them, this tree has no problems filling out quickly. Sometimes too quickly because this is a very fast growing tree .

Mimosa Trees

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