The Tropical Mokara Orchids and It's Many Colors!

Mokara Orchids

The Beautiful and feminine Mokara Orchids... I really love these orchids because of the many colors they come in, all shades of Pinks, Purples, blues, Yellow, Reds, Coral, Orange shades, literally each color has many different ranges of shades.

They are also so feminine and light looking, great in a bouquet by its self or as fillers with other beautiful tropical flowers.

As you will see in the pictures of orchids, this truly is what I call the just right orchid. You can never go wrong weather its just one in a vase or 100 its always just right!

The Mokara is in the family of the Orchidaceae orchid,and were first discovered in Asia.

The Mokara orchid is a hybrid made up of Arachnis, Ascocentrum, and Vanda, what a combination and creation of beauty!

This exotic looking flower is beautiful in contemporary arrangements as well but mostly used for tropical arrangements.

Its relatives include cymbidium, Oncidium, Paphiopedilum and Cattleya orchids.

I hope you will enjoy these pictures of orchids I have provided for you!

The orchid symbolizes all things that are beautiful including love, beauty, and refinement so buy some for that special someone in your life!

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Mokara Orchids

Taking Care Of Orchids
The Mokara Orchids are Vandaceous and grow best in bright light.

If possible Putting your orchid in full eastern sunlight in the morning, up until noon is best.

Observation of the leaf structure can be your best guide to the correct light conditions that are best for this type of orchid.

The semi-terete foliage will tolerate full sun if acclimated properly so slowly introduce this plant it to its desired position.

The flattened surfaces of its foliage will absorb more heat. Unless protected, during the hottest part of the day, strap leaves will burn in full sun.

It has been reported that vandaceous species and modern vandaceous hybrids can be grown and flowered successfully in low light, I sure this is true if it is s l o w l y introduced to a lesser light saturation.

As a rule of thumb when caring for orchids of this species, if you are going to try and grow your Mokara Orchids in low light, reduce the water and fertilizing frequency.

When raising orchids they should not be exposed to temperatures below 50°degrees. and will tolerate temperatures up to 100°F

More orchid growing tips are that the vandaceous Orchids are "heavy" feeders, particularly when in full growth.

If you are raising orchids its good to know that during the spring to the Fall, fertilizing every seven days is important, with several clear watering in between, this will make your Vandaceous plants happy. In the fall through winter, a light feeding once a month will make them happy.

For these types of orchid’s water early, so the crown area will be dry by the cool of the night. So for plant care orchid during cool or rainy periods, an application of 50% Capitan, Kocide 101 or Dithane M-45 fungicide to the crown will prevent rot.

Mokara Orchids

Mokara Orchids

Mokara Orchids

Mokara Orchids

Mokara Orchids

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