Tropical Plectanthus Mona Lavender Shrubs

Mona Lavender

When I first saw a Plectranthus Mona Lavender I was in complete awe of this incredible herbaceous ornamental shrub.

The tubular purple flowers are so dense the color is overwhelming yet it's hard to believe this beautiful plant is actually evergreen shrubs, flowering evergreen to be exact.

The Plectranthus is native to the subtropical and tropical areas of southern Africa. There are many species of plectrantus ranging in different size and color leaves as well as the flower colors which range from white, purple, pink and mauve colored flowers.

Being that these plants are so easy to propagate from cuttings, this is a favorite amongst the growers of these plants to share the cuttings with friends and family making these plants grow in popularity with avid and beginner gardeners around the world.

Although this is a evergreen shrub it will not grow as a perennial if you live in colder climates, remember this is a tropical plant and it needs to be in environments as close to its natural habitat as possible to grow as it was meant to as an flowering evergreen.

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 Mona Lavender

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Plectranthus Mona Lavander , How Do Plants Grow?

When growing or caring for this plant its foliage is evergreen and the flowers are annuals.

These fast growing shrubs are going to reach about 3 feet tall and up to two feet wide but this plat are a perennial shade plants and if you grow them in the sun they will not grow as big and will be more compact, which is fine if you want more of a garden border.

The M. lavender are shade loving shrubs that require regularly watering but don’t over water and constantly soak it because if you do it will cause the evergreen leaves to drop and slow down the production of its magnificent purple flowers.

Make sure to prune off the dead or dying flowers so that to encourage more blooms and fuller more lush green foliage.

Fertilizing your soil is important at least every other month with either a liquid fertilizer or a time released pellets to ensure the plant gets enough nutrients for deeper green foliage and brighter colored flowers.

 Mona Lavender

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