Tropical Moonflower Vine

Tropical Moonflower Vine

Tropical Moonflower Vine also known as Ipomoea Alba is a night blooming version of the morning-glory and known as ipomoea alba, moon vine, moonflower seeds, and moon vines.

It’s easy to learn all about and to buy Moon Flowers to grow in your Tropical Garden for beautiful night flowers.

The moon vines are easily grown from moonflower seeds just plant keep the soil slightly moist until it becomes established then - watch it shoot up to 12 feet or higher. Sometime what I do when starting a plant from seeds is to put some rich planting soils in an egg shell put the seeds just below the soil line, place the shells back in the opened carton and place them in my window ceil.

Make sure to keep the soil moist but not over watered, once it starts to sprout usually over an inch or two, you can plant them in your tropical garden bed and watch them take off.

These fast growing vines are known for its fragrant 6 inch flowers that bloom from late afternoon and into the evening which the flowers unfold in 2-3 minutes making your garden smell like heaven!

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Tropical Moonflower Vine

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This beautiful white flower is native to tropical and subtropical regions and is also found around the world growing in tropic areas such as Florida, Argentina, Mexico, many areas in the Caribbean, Belize, Guatemala, places I would love to visit.

These fragrant blooming vines are perfect for filling empty spaces in your garden, against a chain linked fence to make an unattractive spot come to live with lush green leaves and beautiful white flowers.

The moonflower plants can be grown as perennial flowering vines in tropical areas or as annual vines northern climates it all depends on the temperate zones and the whether conditions where you live or if you help create the perfect conditions that it loves so much!

Moon flowers can be invasive vines with fragrant nocturnal flowers so keeping up on them as far as trimming and pruning them is a necessity, otherwise they can overrun your whole tropical garden.

Keeping them under control isn’t so hard, just a snip here and a snip there when it starts to grow where you don’t want it to and you’ll love the results, not to mention the smell the Moonflower Vine produces, and the butterflies and hummingbirds it will attract!

Tropical Moonflower Vine

Tropical Moonflower Vine

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