Morning Glory Flowers

Morning Glory Flowers

Ahhh the Morning Glory Flowers... Just as you wake to greet the morning sun sunshine each morning so does morning glory vines, that’s how it got its nick name, morning glory.

The true scientific name of morning glory plants and scientific name of these flowers are Ipomoea purpurea and Convolvulaceae.

Species of morning glories are native of tropical America. Morning Glories are also present in Asia, although they also grow in subtropical and temperate regions.

Learn all about growing morning glory vines & the many different types and species that there are.

Did you know the Morning Glory family includes Moonflowers that only bloom at night. No they’re nick name isn’t called Night Glory ! haha

These beautiful flowers add an exotic tropical look with these climbing flowering morning glory vines to any garden, you can even grow them in pots for your patio or decks, growing morning glory is very easy.

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Morning Glory Flowers

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Growing these beautiful flowers truly makes your mornings in your garden more glorious!

Morning glories flowers are shaped like wide mouthed funnel shaped blossoms that come in a variety of colors Blue, Purple, white, red, and yellow, and can grow a big as eight inches across but you will most frequently see them 4 to 5 inches across.

Morning Glory Flowers

How Do Plants Grow...
Growing Morning Glory

As you might have figured by reading earlier these plants love to greet the morning sun so make sure to grow them in full sun where they can earn their nick names.

This is a quick growing vine so be prepared to have lots of fragrant flowers in your garden!

Planting It is very easy to grow the morning glory vines by seed, but the husk of the seed are very think and to make sure your seeds re able to grow its best to let them soak if water overnight to soften them up and increase germination.

Grow them in a rich soil early in the spring. Cover them lightly with about 1/4" of soil. Space Your plants or seeds to about 5 to 6 inches apart.

Watering Your Plants

After placing your seeds in the soil water them thoroughly, completely soaking them.

Once established they don’t need a lot of water just twice a week give it a through watering.

Establishing Your Plant

Supports will be needed for the vines to spread up and out, without support they might just become creepers. Helping them get started attaching and going upward will be very rewarding once you have set them on their way.


Once a month will be just fine unless you use a time released fertilizer which may only need applications once every three months.

Here are some great flower pictures of the Ipomoea flowers

Morning Glory Flowers

Morning Glory Flowers

Morning Glory Flowers

Morning Glory Flowers

White Morning Glory Flowr With Plox Flowers

Morning Glory Flowers

Morning Glory Flowers

Morning Glory Flowers

Morning Glory Flowers

Morning Glory Flowers

Morning Glory Flowers

All Ipomoea species of morning glories are native of tropical America and also are known for growing wild in exotic places like Asia.

The morning glory flower grows abundantly around the world and in many subtropical and temperate regions making this tropical flower a very diverse flowering vine.

Morning Glory Flowers

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