Tropical New Zealand Flax

 New Zeland Flax

The New Zealand Flax is great for adding that exotic texture and color to your tropical evergreen gardens with its long spear like fronds.

You'll be amazed at the change it will bring to your garden with just one plant, they really make a dramatic statement.

These fast growing evergreen shrubs can reach up to 12 feet tall, although I have never seen one that tall, atleast not yet.

These wonderful plants are great for filling in those spaces in your garden that you just don’t know what to do with or what to put there, and with the flax plant you can never fail to achieve that perfect look.

We all know flax seed as a substantial vitamin for good health but it is also used for medicinal purposes such as using the sap was used as a disinfectant for cuts and wounds even boils and blisters. The long foliage leaves of this great plant were use as dressings and bandages for broken bones or fractures. Talk about a multipurpose item!

The Phormium is a very easy car plant to grow with very little effort once it becomes established it doesn’t even mind a little neglect.

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 New Zeland Flax

A Gecko Eating The Blooms From The Flax Plant

 New Zeland Flax

Growing Flax

When caring for your New Zealand Flax remember that it is a sun loving plant that thrives on it and even somewhat demands full sun in order to get its rich colors and the blooms that it produces once a year from early summer to late summer, year after year..

The Phormium tenax grows best in Zones 9 to 11 and is tolerant of salt air if you live close to the beach and also is deer resistant.

When it comes to watering your flax plants it just needs moderate amounts of water, don’t worry about too much or too little, like I said before it's not a demanding plant to care for which makes it and even better evergreen to grow.

Sandy soil is just fine for the flax plant if you live near the beach like I do, but don’t worry It will grow in just about anything and takes such little care.

If you wish to use fertilizer once a year about spring time is when its best and you should use Fertilizers that are high in nitrogen which will promote green leafy growth.

 New Zeland Flax

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