Tropical Oleander Tree

oleander tree

The Oleander Tree was everywhere where I grew up near Manhattan Beach and is all over the place here in Huntington Beach.

This is a very common tropical plant and is abundant near beaches and other place because the oleander care is basically non existent.

The tropical Oleander tree is a wonderful easy-care, rounded shrub or small to medium sized tree.

With its long dark green leaves and an abundance of single or double and sometimes fragrant oleander flowers come in an assortment of white, pink, red, or yellow.

You will often see Oleander tree or shrubs planted in a row as a property dividers for homes or as screens for privacy.

The Oleander flower is very bright and beautiful if you take the time to look closely.

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oleander tree

oleander tree

Caring For Your Oleander Plant…

Its scientific name is Nerium oleander although this plant comes in many sized and referred to in different ways, weather it’s a tree or a shrub it’s still a Oleander.

The oleander grows best in zones 9 through 11 in Tropical or sub-tropical areas.

Weather it’s the yellow oleander, pink, red, or the white oleander flowers you can plant them any where. In a container or line them in your yard as divider between properties.

I have even seen them lined down the freeway and is actually recommended as buffer strips around parking lots or for median strip plantings in the highway or near a deck or patio.

This Tropical tree has been successfully grown in urban areas where air pollution, poor drainage, compacted soil, and/or drought are common, as I said earlier Oleander care is simple and they’ll grow anywhere!

oleander tree

Oleander Information...

The Oleander tree trunk, bark, and branches routinely grow with, or trainable to be grown with multiple trunks.

The oleander Flower Tree will grow mostly upright and will not droop.

Its not to particularly of a showy tree until the oleanders pink, yellow Red or White flowers start to bloom.

It wants to grow with several trunks but it can be trained to grow with a single trunk into a beautiful shaded tree,

Luckily no thorns especially for when you are pruning. The pruning requirement are that in order to develop strong structure you must prune off the smaller branches to build a strong sturdy base if you wish to grow it into a tree.

oleander tree

oleander tree

oleander tree

oleander tree

Oleander Care...

Pest problems are scale and Oleander caterpillar which can do quite a bit of damage to the foliage if left unchecked.

The Oleander caterpillar can defoliate a plant in a week or two, which if you think about how small the caterpillar is, a week or two is quite fast.

Luckally the Oleander Tree or shrub has No diseases that are of major concern.

More Easy, Easy Oleander Care !
No matter if you are growing the yellow oleander or any other of its color flowers it will grow well with only one yearly fertilization. and springtime pruning, Oleander is one of the easiest shrubs trees to care for.

Sometimes suckers produced at the base of the plant will siphon off too much energy and flowering will be inhibited.

These suckers should be pulled to remove them when they are young and succulent.

Propagation is very easilly done by cuttings.

Important Information...

All parts of the plant are poisonous so care must be taken into consideration when locating Oleander trees near areas frequented by small children or animals.

With an oleander plant the burning any of the trimmings will produce toxic fumes so be very careful if you do have to burn them stay away from the smoke.

Even chewing once or twice on a leaf or twig can send a person to the hospital.

Oleander flowers, trees or shrubs survives drought well and is well-suited to growing on soil too poor for most other shrubs, even tolerating salt spray, brackish water, and alkaline soil.

It thrives in full sun, appearing too lanky and flowering little if planted in partial shade.

It grows following wet weather, slowing down in drought, but always looks good even in powder-dry soil.

oleander tree

oleander tree

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