Orchid Diseases

Orchid Diseases

Tips for catching Orchid Diseases early...
When growing these beautiful and exotic orchid plants, you will probably have to deal with orchid pests, taking care of orchids, orchid care instructions when these pest are detected, indoor orchid care when these problems arise.

That’s why learning how to care for orchids is so important.

If you have multiple plants, then you also have to worry about them transmitting orchid disease back and forth to each other, kind of like your children when one gets sick the others sometimes follow.

Some of the most common pests include aphids, mealy bugs, Fungus Gnats, White Flies and mites. So taking care of orchids takes some time, a little effort and tender loving care.

Orchids can grow and flower for many years if their basic needs are met. Healthy plants are less likely to became infected with disease or be attractive to insects.

Pests can arrive with new plants so always wash them off and quarantine them away from your established plants for a few weeks and sometimes pruning orchids is another step in eliminating these diseases.

Some diseases are a direct result of poor growing conditions.

To keep your orchid healthy, learn its identity and then research its basic requirements then attack the problem.

Below are orchids picture of some of the diseases and pest to help you identify them.

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Orchid Diseases

Healthy Orchid Plant...

Here is a perfect example of what a healthy Orchid should look like from the top of the flowers all the way down to the roots.

Orchid Diseases

Rotted Roots...

Root Rot on these beautiful plants is usually due to overwatering, and not enough filtered light or not being grown in a well draining compost consisting of peat moss and wood chips. There may be no turning back, depending on how much rotting has occurred, the best thing to try and save your orchid is to let it dry our while misting only the flower and stems.

Orchid Diseases

Scale Infestation...

You first need to remove any badly infected stems. Then by had scrape off and remove as much of the scales that you can. If you wish you can also order natural enemies such as lacewings to help eat any unwanted parasites or scale off your plants, which you can find at the bottom of this page. You can also use a natural insecticide or horticultural oil.

Orchid Diseases

Mild Fungi...

Fungus Gnats
Fungus gnats are also common orchid pests. They usually cause problems if the potting medium is too warm, wet, or decayed. These are excellent conditions for their larvae to grow. The best way to get rid of these gnats is to make sure the potting medium isn't too wet. Make sure you allow it to dry before you water the plant again. You can also use sticky cards that are used to combat white flies.

Orchid Diseases

Severe Fungi...

My suggestion if your plant looks like this take it out to your back yard and burn it!
Just kidding but this is pretty bad, This should have been cut off the plant before it got to this point, recovery is very unlikely.

Orchid Diseases

White Fly's...

White flies are the next orchid pests you should be aware of. These are sucking insects like aphids, but they are smaller.
If you allow an infestation of white flies to become too severe, your plant will become extremely weak.
If growing these plants in a greenhouse, it can prove to be very difficult to control these pests. You will have to use insecticides to try to control them.

Orchid Diseases

Another Orchid Pests, The Mealy Bug...

You should also know about mealy bugs if you're growing orchids. They survive by feeding on the roots and under bracts. Under greenhouse conditions, mealy bugs can reproduce throughout the whole year.
The first thing you'll notice when mealy bugs infect your plant is the leaves start turning yellow. The leaves may also drop early. If the infestation becomes too severe, the plant will become severely weakened and may even die.


Aphids usually cause the most problems for those growing orchids. These sucking insects are usually found beneath leaves or on stems. They suck the juices from the plant causing damage. However, they can cause the most damage by transmitting a virus. You can simply get rid of them by spraying them with water or by brushing them off.


Mites are microscopic animals that also cause orchid diseases problems for those growing orchids and wanting to cure Orchid Diseases.
They kill the cells of the surface layer of the leaves. This severely weakens and disfigures your plant.
The first sign of a mite infestation is the appearance of silvery leaves. You can especially notice this change of color on the bottom of them. Sometimes, the top of the leaves will develop yellow spots.
To get rid of mites, you have to wash your plant thoroughly. You should also wipe off each leaf.

Orchid Diseases Care Products...

Below are some of the necessary items you will need to grow healthy flowering Orchids and to prevent Orchid Diseases!

orchid diseases

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