The Tropical Ornamental Pepper

Ornamental Pepper

Ornamental pepper plants are more than just show stoppers, they're exquisite, colorful and quite breathtaking with its detail, brightly colored foliage that is scattered with little peppers sprinkled throughout like lights on a Christmas tree.

They can be grown as types of evergreen shrubs in warmer climates where they keep up their spectacular display adding color and incredible texture to any tropical garden.

But if you live where you get frost or snow its best to grow them in pots so that you can bring them into your house during those freezing conditions to make sure your plant will survive.

They are great indoor house plants varieties that are colorful and look very unique as exotic house plants which quickly become a focal point and a conversation piece, not to mention great for cooking with.

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Grow these wonderfully ornamental and colorful pepper plants and watch how your cooking spices up with your own personal selection of the hottest to the sweetest peppers. To purchase them just click on the links below.

Ornamental Pepper

This is the Medusa Pepper Plant

Ornamental Pepper

Variegated Hot Pepper Plants

Ornamental Pepper

Ornamental Pepper Purple Flash

Ornamental Pepper

Ornamental Pepper

How to grow Plants and How do plants grow of the Ornamental pepper variety

Above are some of the different species that are from the varieties of the plant that its scientific name of plants is Capsicum annuum.

Even though these are considered an ornamental plant their fruit it produces "peppers" are edible and can vary from mild to very, very hot!

And as you can see from the plant pictures above the peppers are brilliantly colored just like the foliage and colors range fro yellow, green, red, purple and the black leaves of the black pearl.

This beautiful plant is a member of the potato family and is native to tropical countries like Central and South America, where it was domesticated almost 10,000 years ago.

These plants like most tropical plants love warm weather and humidity in order to survive, they are also very frost tender so when the temperature falls below 55 degrees its time to bring them indoors.

They love a rich well draining soil but be sure not to use fertilizers that have a high nitrogen content because this will encourage a full and lush foliage plants but it will slow down the production of peppers.

You can either grow them from seeds or you can use plug plants that are sold either at local nurseries in your area or online nurseries that have plant delivery straight to your door.

With the plant growth process you can expect to start producing peppers usually about 2 to 4 months after planting them from the stages above.

Make sure if growing them in your home as a tropical house plants make sure to put them by a window where they will have lots of sun and warmth.

When watering keep the soil moist but don’t over soak the plant too much water can be just as bad as not enough. This goes for if you’re growing them as bedding plants in your garden or if you are growing them in your home as a potted plant.

These plants are great for growing them as office plants as well, don’t be afraid to add a little spice to your desk at work , don’t worry they’re not indoor large plants they will only grow to about 12 to 20 inches in height, just right!

These wonderful plants can be purchased online flowers and plant stores. I will provide some for you below. Rightn Now only Nature Hills has them in stock , check occasionally with the oters.

Ornamental Pepper

This is the beautiful Black Pearl Pepper Plant

Ornamental Pepper

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