Pachypodium Lamerei aka Madagascar Palm

Pachypodium Lamerei

The tropical and exotic looking Pachypodium Lamerei aka Madagascar Palm, really isn’t a palm it’s a cactus! Learn more about this intriguing tree and how to care for it.

This Madagascar palm is a strange looking yet beautiful succulent with a thick, spiny gray trunk that will reach 15 feet in your garden.

As a houseplant, they will grow much smaller because of the container, it will adapt to its environment when grown indoors.

They are scarcely branched and the base is spindle-shaped. The trunk is covered with spines and the foliage is arranged spirally at the top.

Native to Madagascar, this rare, fast growing succulent has a thick trunk with leaves at the top, resembling a palm tree.

Despite the common name “Madagascar Palm”, it is not really a palm it just looks like one.

In fact, it is in the cactus, and is in the succulent category, which are some of the easiest plants of all to grow.

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Pachypodium Lamerei

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Looking for something unique to grow, well look no further. With these Madagascar Palm trees you will easily grow a beautiful and well admired plant!

Pachypodium Lamerei

Pachypodium Lamerei

Pachypodium Lamerei

Caring for your Madagascar Palm Tree

This wonderful Palm/cactus needs full sun to light shade with warm temperatures.

Water sparingly and do not fertilize.

Do not water in the winter months when there is no foliage on this tree.

Repot the plant every 3 years if you are growing it in a pot, this is quite tricky given all the spines. The best way is to wrap several layers of old rags or towels around the trunk where it is to be handled; this will help prevent any harm to yourself and others.

This is a tender plant and it requires a medium and well drained soil preferring full sun, it is susceptible to and should be protected from aphids, just keep an eye on them once you get a infestation of them and remove them immediately.

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Pachypodium Lamerei

Pachypodium Lamerei

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