papaya problem

by Nermin
(Bosnia and Herzegovina)

Growing Papaya

Growing Papaya

I tried to grow papaya from seeds several times..but after some time,after they grow about 5-7 inches high,something WHITE appears on leafs and they are done..simple there is no way I could avoid that..what can be a problem..thanks

Hi Nermin

It sounds like it might be a Powdery mildew called Oidium caricae, which is a fungus and it can be deadly on new sprouting plants.

The papaya can be a fickle, fussy plant... Papayas are easy to grow, but not necessarily so easy to keep alive as you are figuring out.
It will take some Tender Loving Care and patience to finally get it to grow past the 7 inches!

Above is my link to my Papaya page

Thank you so much for visiting my site
and Good luck, don't give up!


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